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Gmail Latest Update – OAuth Access For Microsoft and Yahoo Accounts (Download Available)


Gmail isn’t the only email service from the market and Google decided to allow its users to manage non-Google email accounts such as Yahoo or Microsoft, but the latest update for Android brought something new: Oauth support, so that the users will no longer have to enter their user names and passwords to access their accounts.

If you don’t know what Oauth is, then we’ll explain you. It’s an open protocol that uses access tokens to allow an application to access a service without sharing the user’s credentials (user name and password). This method is more secure and its integration into Gmail for Android is more than appreciated by the Microsoft and Yahoo users, who can take advantage of features such as account recovery or two-step verification.

If you’re logged into your account, you will see a button which will allow Gmail for Android to access the account, and, after tapping the button, Microsoft will give Gmail a token – a text file, which will give the app permission to access your account. If you’re not logged into your account, you’ll need to go through the login process while you’re in the OAuth screen.

OAuth isn’t something new to the users, although it’s new to Gmail for Android. OAuth is already used to authorize applications to access Facebook or Twitter accounts, so it works exactly the same for Gmail with Yahoo and Microsoft.

Google made sure to fix all the issues before releasing this update, which is available on the Google Play store. In addition, the new update for Android brought a new look and feel for all of its features, it has an improved tablet layout which supports faster switching between inbox categories and accounts, and if you’re using Android Lollipop, you can hide sensitive lockscreen notifications.

The new version will roll out in the following days, but you can also get the APK file from the APK Mirror.