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Google Hangouts Free Download and Install on PCs for Full-View Screen Sharing


In 2013, Google had only three services meant for connecting people – Google Talk, Google+ and the Hangouts messenger that had been integrated into this platform.

After working around these services for some time, Google has decided to come up with one and a very solid app for communication purposes and named it Google Hangouts. This application is available on almost all platforms that can access Google Chrome, all the Android devices, all PCs as well as the iOS and Windows Phone devices.

However, it is the desktop version that is making highlights with its new feature that enables the user to enjoy full-view sharing of the screen. Other than this new addition, the Google Hangouts app remains the same, offering the users with instant messaging services as well as voice and video calling. It allows the users to make conferencing calls with up to 10 people. Furthermore, it is possible to form groups of up to 100 members and chat with them instantly.

Users of Hangouts can attest to the amazing emojis, stickers as well as animated GIFs that dominate this messaging platform. Users can still share photos, maps as well as connect a Google Voice number which can be used for SMS and well as calling those not using the app. As long as your device is supported, you will be able to access all your conversations from anywhere since Google Hangouts chats are synced across all of them.

Google Hangouts is mainly used for video calls

According to recent reports, Google Hangouts is causing Skype some huge pain in the neck, now that it is taking control of the video calling segment. In most cases, users of Hangouts go to this app just to make free video calls. Now that there is a new feature on the desktop version that guarantees full-view screen sharing, more and more people will begin to appreciate this app.

How to share a screen in Google Hangouts

When sharing a screen in Hangouts, it will be possible to display, to all your panelists, some photos, tutorials as well as presentations thanks to the better visual appeal of the full screen mode. Furthermore, the app has the ability to be set to such that it displays the person presenting so that the audience will only be seeing him or her.

To share a screen in Google Hangouts, simply open a video call on the app and move your mouse to the left of the window. You will notice a bar with various app icons and by clicking on Share, you will be able to select a window or desktop that you want to share and then go ahead and click on the “Start Screenshare” option.