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Google Play Services 7.5.74 APK Newest Version – API Upgrades and New Permissions


Google Play services is an app that pertains to Google Inc. This particular app permits you to upgrade legitimate Android applications. The newest variant of the Google Play services is the v7.5.74 (1997312-032) which was upgraded just yesterday.

Google Play services was released back in 2012 and it initially supported Google+ API and OAuth 2.0, but currently developers have been working to enhance its functionality and they have succeed in doing so. Now, the app provides a legitimate link between your gizmo and the Google Play Store. Whichever app or game you have installed on your device, when you link it with Google Play Services, you will instantly get the notices regarding the new upgrades available to set up.

Normally, setting up the Google Play services by hand is not required for devices which operate on Android 2.3 and higher versions. These will get the updates as soon as they roll out and they are also installed.

Google Play services Features:

Google Play services offers neat features for developers and everyday Android users. Keep in mind that if the Play services application is not installed, you will notice that some of the core apps will get sluggish (if they are linked to the Google Play services). Check out the following features:

  • You can download updates for a bunch of applications
  • Syncs all of your contacts
  • You can use privacy setting options
  • Improved app experience
  • You can increase the speed for whenever you search for docs on your gizmo in the offline mode
  • Offers fascinating maps
  • Top-notch gaming practice

Newest Version v7.5.74 (1997312-032) offers:

  • Maps API v2 available for Android Wear
  • Android Wear API modifications
  • API upgrades
  • Enhancements to Location API as well as to Places API

Check out the new permissions as well:

  • Reads your app’s history as well as log data
  • Recovers functional applications
  • Alters your contact card
  • Locates other accounts on your gizmo
  • Finds your location through GPS
  • Manages both calls and SMS
  • Reads Wi-Fi links
  • Reads your gizmo’s  ID and call info