Clash of Clans is easily one of the most popular mobile games today and it just continues to gain popularity.

However, it takes time before you can call yourself an expert in the game – most players still aren’t, even after a long time of playing. But if you really want to get ahead of it, you need to read the most important Clash of Clans tips and tricks to have a chance in the competition. Here are some tips you must read before raging wars on the enemies.

Patient is, Indeed, a Virtue

Clash of Clans is about building your own fort and fortifying it using walls. You can also use other defensive buildings like towers and cannons to protect your village. Although it sounds easy and simple, you will soon realize that it takes a longer time to build a stronger defense and you’ll need to be patient before getting there. This doesn’t just apply to defensive buildings – offensive troops will also take time to acquire.

Don’t Waste the Gems

Gems are important in that they are used to instantly upgrade buildings and troops as well as speed up the production of resources. Gems have many uses but they don’t come abundantly. Gems are acquired upon finishing tasks but most of the time they are not enough for your use. You’re more likely to get tempted to buy the gems in the in-app store using real money. Don’t give in to the temptation. Gems should be used well so spend them strategically because collecting them is not easy.

Choose a Strategy – Offense or Defense

If you want to be a defensive player, make sure that you put emphasis on your defensive buildings. Make the Town Hall a priority. Upgrade it first so you can upgrade your base defenses. Your defensive buildings should be strategically placed within the village. On the other hand, if you want to focus on your offense more, building up your resources should be a top priority. Upgrade your Elixir production, barracks and camps.

Strategically Design Your Base

Make sure that there are many walls between buildings and resources and that there are no gaps anywhere. Many Clash of Clans players will agree that properly laying down their walls and buildings is the big difference between losing resources and protecting them. One good strategy is placing defensive buildings at the center of your base. This will take the enemies longer time to get through your defense.

Do Your Homework

If you want to try a strategy, chances are someone else had already done it. Do your homework and research on different Clash of Clans video tutorials. You’ll be able to see if a strategy will work by watching different videos. You can also join forums and talk to other Clash of Clans players about different strategies and ask around for more help and tips. Don’t start playing Clash of Clans without doing proper research and only once you feel like you’ve learned the important tips and tricks, should you start designing your base and planning attacks.

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