Many current users of WhatsApp only see it as a tool for connecting with friends and family living in different parts of the world.

However, it is time you started looking at this app from a different point of view.

WhatsApp has more than 800 million people following it. Imagine if all these people or even a fraction of them were active visitors to your business website. In actual sense, this instant messaging app is a very powerful business tool that can yield some incredible results if well implemented.

The purpose of this post is to explore at the various ways in which this app can be used to boost your business’ click through rates and in the process help your company connect to a larger customer base using much better and very powerful ways.

Use WhatsApp as a tool for constant connecting and interacting with client base

Using emails to reach out to your client base is one of the most effective tools of creating more marketing leads. They can be informed of what the company is up to through this means. However, there is a huge problem with using emails as getting feedback won’t be that easy. This is where WhatsApp comes in as a hero as it allows its users to immediately send you requests, content or even questions about your business.

Using WhatsApp for personalized services

WhatsApp can be used to offer the users with tailored services and in this way; they will feel more valued than any other. You can easily offer online consultations for your customers using WhatsApp. Businesses can include photos and videos in these messages in addition to regular progress reports that might be of benefit to the user. The ability of WhatsApp to allow the users to record videos and share them at no cost even makes this process more fun and inexpensive.

WhatsApp saves time

Using WhatsApp for business purposes will for sure help in saving your customers some time and hassles, which is also the same for your sales team as well. According to a recent report by CTIA, it only takes someone 90 seconds to read a message, but the same message takes 90 minutes for one to read if it’s sent via email.

This is a very obvious discovery and when taken into consideration, you can save your sales team and customers a lot of valuable time. As you all know, time is money. It is easy to process a WhatsApp message and respond to it as well as in a few seconds, which increases the dialogue between your business and the target audience.

WhatsApp for reporting bugs and problems in services offered by businesses

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app. This means that all messages sent are delivered instantly. Using such a tool, businesses have been able to effectively communicate any changes in services or functionality to the customers. Furthermore, it is now much easier for customers to report about any issue or bug that may be affecting your services to them.

If you haven’t tried any of the above methods to improve the sales of your business and increase revenues, it is time you did so. WhatsApp will save you from huge upfront costs of communicating with audiences and in this way, you can focus on improving your revenue rather than reducing the costs since they have already been taken care of.

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