Motorola will return with the third generation Moto X, whose specs have been leaked and published on various websites. The company hasn’t confirmed any of the rumors and leaks, but we’re pretty sure that the truth is somewhere in the middle. Here’s what we’ve found out about the upcoming Moto X 2015.

The Moto X 2014 was released last September and we have a feeling that the successor will arrive then, along with other important flagships from other popular brands. We’re guessing that the Moto X 2015 is still under development and Motorola doesn’t have a reason to give details about the production, until they will have something solid to announce.

According to the latest leaked image, which was posted by @upleaks, the Moto X 2015 appears to have a metal panel, but before of it, there was another image of the device with a wooden back panel, which means that we’ll have more variants. But we’re curious if the users will be able to customize their phones using the Moto Maker program (to pick the front and back panel colors, to choose a different color for the trim or to engrave their names on the back of the phone etc.).

As for the specs of the upcoming phone, Total Tech reported that the device will have a 5.2inches QHD display, it will be powered by a Snapdragon 808 processor (as on the LG G4), coupled with 4GB of RAM, and will have 32GB of internal storage. The materials that Motorola will use to create the back cover of the new Moto X will be plastic, leather and wood, but Total Tech believes that there’s another type of rear plate that isn’t available for the moment. Also, the phone might feature USB Type-C and a battery of 3,280 mAh. The Moto X 2015 will run on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop and will have a phablet variant with a 5.7inches display, which will be sold in the US via the Verizon network.

Regarding the cameras, the reports say that the one on the back will be 16MP and will use “Clear Pixel Technology”, supporting 4K and optical image stabilization. The secondary shooter will be 5MP.

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