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StiKey for iOS Allows Users to Add Stickers to Messages in any App


You have probably heard of the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

If yes, then StiKey is just the app you need to download and install on your iPhone right away.

If you are the person who usually runs out of words when in a conversation with friends, using stickers and emoticons is one of the best ways of getting around this problem. Many apps today come with the ability to use stickers and emoticons in messages, something that some apps have turned into their major income generating service. One such app is Viber, which offers the users with a huge collection of stickers that can be bought while others are free. Another such application offering the users with in-app sticker purchases is LINE, which is thought to be making fortunes out of this sticker selling business.

In this line, Smartivism, the company behind the StiKey app for iOS, went for a killer app. Using StiKey, it is possible to add stickers to any app that is installed on your iPhone for instant messaging purposes.

StiKey for iOS is the keyboard app for your iPhone

As noted earlier, if you are one of those persons who run out of words, then StiKey for iOS might just be the app you need on your iPhone. What this keyboard does is avoid numbers and letters in favor of stickers, with a collection of more than 1000 stickers available for use. Since StiKey is a keyboard, inserting a sticker without leaving your messaging app is very easy as you don’t have to upload it from any other location.

StiKey for iOS is both free and premium

StiKey for iOS is a free to download and install app. However, there are only a few free stickers that are available for use, with some of the best ones available only after paying for them.

The most interesting part of StiKey is that it has no boundaries when it comes to the apps it supports. The implication of this is that there is no need to buy any other stickers from each of the installed messaging apps; rather, you can just stick with those on StiKey and still get the best experience with stickers. The app will help you determine your favorite characters and it will avail them on each platform that you visit the keyboard pops up.

StiKey has around 50 characters available for choosing. From each character you get four free stickers. For just $1, you can unlock up to 20 more stickers. These stickers are very lively and their illustrations vary, which justifies this asking price.

Download now and install on your iPhone to enjoy the best messaging experience with stickers.