With Viber, users can enjoy initiating calls and sending messages for free. People can now get in touch with distant relatives and long lost friends. Keeping in touch with your endeared ones is now at everyone’s reach. If you wish to contact another Viber user, you can do so by using whichever device you have at hand and the same thing goes for the network. Viber comes in 2 distinct options for those owning a Windows phone. Go to Viber store and get your hands on Viber app for free.

2 Versions – As mentioned above, users will have to choose between 2 distinct options of this app. You can set-up the variant for Windows Phone 7 or the one for Windows Phone 8 instead. Once the mobile number develops into your ID and the installation process is complete, you are all set to use Viber. You should also know that the app harmonizes with the contacts list you have on your device and will immediately expose those who are also Viber users.

User Friendly – As soon as you download and click the install button for Viber, you won’t even have to face that long and tiresome registration process or think of a “bulletproof” passcode. Once you install it, it’s ready to be fully enjoyed.

Features of Viber – Viber for Windows comes packed with some state-of-the-art features for all Windows phone enthusiasts. These are:

  • Top-notch phone calls via Wi-Fi or 3G
  • The ability to share pictures, one’s current location and some colorful stickers
  • Viber supports video messages
  • Users can pin any desired conversation, so that they will not misplace any important information
  • The Snap view feature permits you to leaf through the web, enjoy games or do some work simply by storing Viber app on the left or right side of your screen

Viber Out – As soon as the Viber app is set up in your handset, you can begin making calls to either a landline number or a mobile one. This can be done with pretty inexpensive rates by choosing to use Viber Out. But for this, one has to make an account and then purchase some Viber “cash”. Then you will need to fire it up on your Windows device and simply dial the desired number.

The Viber 4.5 variant – The Viber 4.5 version is the newest one out there, so make sure you get your hands on it. With this new version, you can actually see the images that pop-up in your conversations by using a simple swipe gesture. You can play around with the language and use the QR code option to add new accounts to your list.

How to fire-up Viber – Right after you set up Viber app on your handset, you should get a code. This code will enable the app on your mobile device. Look for an “activation code” icon on your device and enter the given code. Once the app is active, you can start enjoying the Viber experience.

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