The Windows Phone platform has always lagged behind when it comes to receiving major updates from any application.

This has been witnessed in the case of WhatsApp, where the voice calling feature first came for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and as of now, it is currently rolling on Windows Phone, almost five months since the beta version started showing up on Android .

WeChat is also another culprit doing the same with the Windows Phone platform. This version has in the past received very limited updates and new features as well. However, it seems the developers of this application have decided against this move and they are readying more updates after rolling out a few of them in the recent past.

WeChat latest version for Windows Phone comes with performance improvements

WeChat is very popular in China, which is its mother country. However, this application has grown into a global entity thanks to the many amazing and unique features it offers its users.

Other than send and receive instant messages that include videos, photos, texts and voice notes, WeChat users can still make use of this app to make free and high-quality voice and video calls to any other person using the app. Just like many other instant messaging and VoIP apps, WeChat knows no boundaries.

The latest addition to this amazing program is the ability to support the English language. As noted above, WeChat is a China-made app and as such, most or rather, everything in its initial stages is usually brought out in Chinese. The latest version of WeChat for Windows Phone first came out in January this year and since then; it has only been available in Chinese. Now that there is an added support for the English language, this app is ready to take on other huge platforms like Skype and WhatsApp.

Latest WeChat allows users to share files on desktops and mobiles

The latest version of WeChat comes not only with the ability to support the English language, it also adds in some new features. One such feature is the ability of the application to allow the users to share media files with fellow WeChat users, whether they are using a mobile phone or desktop.

The latest version of this IM app also comes with the ability to capture screenshots and then share them with friends instantly, thanks to the controls integrated within the app.

Chatting using WeChat groups has even been made more fun as users can easily grab the attention of another user by mentioning their name in a message, just like with the case of Facebook.

Enhanced security

Online security has become a very huge concern for many internet users. You should not worry about the same when using WeChat. Your messages will be safe as the security this app offers is the best. In fact, there is a new feature that is known as Message Recall. Using this feature, you can easily delete a message that you had sent to someone by mistake.

If you are however using WeChat on your Mac desktop, there is some not so good news for you as this version hasn’t received any update just yet. In fact, it has not been updated since last year, but since the Windows Phone platform has seen an update, we expect that the same will soon be headed to the Mac platform as well.

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