At last there is a WhatsApp Web version for using the client on devices other than mobile phones.

WhatsApp users had been crying for the release of a PC native client, but instead, the developers decided to surprise them a little with a web client.

Since its inception, the Web client has only been receiving lots of positive reviews. In fact, since the client was introduced in early 2015, WhatsApp has gone ahead to add a record 200+ million users to its database, which is just an indicator how impressed the users were with this addition.

Even though WhatsApp Web has been around for quite some time, there are quite a good number of WhatsApp users out there that have yet to try out this amazing addition to the messenger. If you are one of them, then you are in the right place as we are going to share with you information on how to set up and use the latest version of WhatsApp Web on your desktop, laptop or tablet.

Limitations of WhatsApp Web

At the moment, WhatsApp Web is only available for those using Chrome, Firefox and Opera web browsers. If you are using a different web browser other than these three on your PC or tablet, you will have to get one of them in order for the client to work. When signed in, the app will sync all conversations with the phone app as well, which means that all messages will also appear on your phone. Another limitation is that WhatsApp Web doesn’t work on iPhones; however, using a jailbroken iPhone and Cydia tweak known as WhatsApp Web Enabler, it is still possible to use this Web client on Macs and iPads.

How to setup WhatsApp Web on PCs

The first thing you must do when setting up WhatsApp Web is to ensure that you have downloaded and installed the latest version of WhatsApp on your phone. Furthermore, ensure any of the three mentioned web browsers are installed and then point the browser to the page

Once this page is open, leave it at that and head over to your phone. Launch the app and in the menu, look for WhatsApp Web option and tap on it to launch the app. You’ll notice your camera launching and using this open camera, scan the QR code available on the above page. Once the scanning is done, you will be signed into the platform and you’ll immediately notice all your WhatsApp contacts on the left of the screen and their conversations as well.

Using WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web is no different from the phone app; it’s only that it appears on a much bigger screen. The interface is the same as the phone app and you will also come across the same features. However, one addition that the Web client has that the phone app does not have at the moment is the versatile emojis. There are now six different colors of emojis based on race and users can select the one they like based on their convenience.

You can also allow or disable notifications from this application by simply clicking on the “Allow” icon at the top of your screen. WhatsApp Web allows you to attach files from your PC and share them with friends on the phone app. However, always ensure that you log out of the app in case you are using a public PC.

Why use WhatsApp Web?

One thing that makes WhatsApp Web a must have is the chance to use the app on a larger screen. If you own a small screen phone, this is great news for you. Furthermore, the big keyboard enables the users to have a much better typing speed than when using their phones, which means sending replies can be done promptly.

Rather than having to use a USB cable to transfer any official file from your phone to PC before viewing it, WhatsApp Web now offers the chance to directly get the file from the phone app to the PC without the need of cables and any other hassles. Using WhatsApp Web will also save you lots of time that would otherwise have been spent on checking messages on the phone while at the same time working on a PC.

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Web

Every good thing has its bad side and so does WhatsApp Web. When using this PC client, one thing you must do is keep your phone connected to the internet. This does not however, exclude you from the part of ensuring the PC is also connected to the internet. In the end, you may end up spending double the amount of data packs you’d have used to access the messages on the phone.

The application is also limited to certain features, where the users can only send and receive messages. Other things like changing a user’s avatar, joining or leaving a group, creating a new group, adding contacts and others cannot be done from this end. All these changes must be effected from the phone app.

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