Almost six months have passed since Microsoft announced their Windows 10 and since then, the new OS has been a hot topic. However, during the WWDC 2015 event, which was held at the beginning of June, Apple announced their upcoming Mac OS X 10.11, also known as “El Capitan”.

Today we’re going to make a comparison between these two upcoming operating systems.

The new OS X version doesn’t come with new things

El Capitan comes with improved security and performance. It seems that Apple is not so inspired on brining new features to their operating system and the company has to learn from other tech giants such as Microsoft.

When it comes to mobile devices, Apple is dominating Microsoft. However, Microsoft has been controlling the desktop OS market for a while and they will continue to do this for the upcoming years.

Microsoft made some huge mistakes on Windows 8, but they will fix all of them with the new upcoming Windows 10.

User Interface

One of the main reasons why Windows 8 was not as successful as Windows 7 is the design and the menu that it came with. The Windows 10 will look a bit more like the Windows 7 and the Start menu button will be back to its place.

On the other hand, Mac OS X 10.11 is getting a minor makeover in the design department. Comparing the features that are currently in Yosemite and the ones that El Capitan will come with, things are not so exciting. One of the things that will change and it will spotted quite fast, is the enlarged cursor that you will see when you turn on your computer.


El Capitan comes with a split view feature that allows you to run two applications side-by-side. The new OS comes with an updated Mission Control which greatly improves the process of switching among applications. This feature can be accessed by swiping on the trackpad with four fingers.

Apple also updated their Notes and Mail application – which allows you to search for emails with ease.

Windows 10 will have universal applications that will be able to run across tablets, phones and desktops. The applications will have the same code base and they will work across all these three types of devices.

Microsoft will also bring native applications such as calendar or mail to Windows 10. The Mail application will come with a new UI and some customizable swipe actions that will allow you to flag emails or delete them. The calendar was redesigned in order to give the users a complete view of the schedule, where they can add and edit appointments.

Windows 10 vs Mac OS X 10.11 2


Windows 10 will come with a new security application called “Device Guard” which will block zero-day attacks that are trying to infiltrate on your Windows 10 machine. Microsoft is also trying to eliminate the traditional password and to use a biometric authentication system that’s called “Windows Hello”. This new system will recognize the users by scanning their face, fingerprint or iris. Passport will also be a new feature that will use a one-time authentication via Windows hello or PIN in order to let the users to access specific services or websites.

On the other hand, Mac computers are not attacked by malware so frequently. But that’s because there are not many desktop PCs that run this OS. According to MacWorld, Apple is working on a security system that’s called Rootless, which will block malware applications from getting access to your files.


The new Safari that will be present on El Capitan, will allow you to pin websites inside it. The new browser will allow you to see which tabs (websites) are playing a sound in the background and it will allow you to mute them without opening the specific tab.

Microsoft will come with a new Edge browser, also known as Project Spartan. This new browser will replace Internet Explorer and we’re pretty sure that a lot of people will enjoy using it, as it comes with better security, speed and has a minimalistic design. You will also be able to save web pages to read them offline and take notes onscreen.

Personal Assistant

El Capitan comes with an updated Spotlight search which will allow you to search for all kinds of data such as: weather predictions, finding files and application, sports scores etc. You can even search for sentences such as: “documents from January 2015” and the application will search for documents that you’ve saved/written in January 2015.

On the other hand, Microsoft is coming with its digital personal assistant, Cortana, which will work across desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. This will allow you to set a reminder on your desktop device and receive the alert on the smartphone running on Windows 10 Mobile version. Cortana will also record and learn from your habits and preferences, which, in time, will improve its helpfulness and accuracy. After hearing that Microsoft is bringing Cortana to both desktop PC and mobile devices, many expect that Apple will react and bring its Siri to Mac OS X 10.11.

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