The clan wars with best graphics, real life designs, outrage amongst the players and the simple yet racy concept of the game makes Clash of Clans the most favorite game amongst its players.

To win through the game, you need to understand a few tricks rather than learning just the basics. Go through the tips mentioned below and evolve like a shining star to earn maximum points and score.

Understand the Reason for Playing

You know the entire game in and out. You know the characters well of your clan and have a complete knowledge of building a troop. However, you do not know the real reason behind the game to play. Before you pick up any fight with any of the troops, understand the role and the goal for your game play. Get as many stars as possible by destroying the Town Hall of your enemy. The extra efforts you put to break down the walls, the more stars will follow your reign. Try dropping their troops. Do not cut their base completely, but attack their troops and keep breaking the walls of the hall. On the contrary, you must make all the strategies before you lose time.

Managing the War Base

Keep your war base intact and do not let it go lose because of imperfect planning. You may not be able to see the defensive players of the troops who are to your next level. Hence, at such times, believe in strategies. Avoid keeping all the mortars in one single wall. In addition to this, you can even have air defenses. This will cover most of the center stage of your Town Hall. Make sure none of the attackers is plotting to pass in air units to your hall. That can severely damage your hall and leave you with nothing.

Bring It On

Do not be afraid to call on for your first attack. You and your clan members can have different first attacks. This can bring your troop with many stars instead of losing the stars by choosing the same enemy by two or more members of the same troop. Train your troops properly to avoid any damage to your base. You can also ask some of your members to protect the castle while you and the rest go for attack.

Replay Matters

Always watch the replay. That helps you in understanding the way you have battled on the grounds and not making the same mistakes again. In addition to this, it will help you to keep a tab on the hidden treasures of your opposite clan. Plan before you call for the second attack. Invest your time and efforts in understanding the strategies of your enemy through the replays.

A game that settles only after you kill somebody or loot the enemy’s treasure, the win in Clash of Clans comes with perfect implementation of many strategies. Make every move and war hard for the counter army to defend. Play and win this game with a hard earned battle.

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