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Download Gmail App for Mobile – The Top 5 Best Tips and Tricks


Gmail is a top email client that has more than 900 million from all over the world using it on their desktops, tablets and phones.

However, the Gmail app has over 500 million active users. This is an amazing achievement for an email client that is less than a decade old and younger than platforms like Yahoo and Hotmail. One reason Gmail app has such vast usage is because it comes pre-installed on all Android devices. In fact, users of Android devices must have a registered Gmail address to access the services of the Google Play Store, which is a must-have app for these devices.

There are many reasons as to why people prefer using Gmail to other email clients like Hotmail, Yahoo, and Outlook. In case you haven’t yet made up your mind as far as email clients are concerned, there is no need to think twice as Gmail app for mobile is the ultimate email client for you.

Gmail app brings all your email clients in one place

Just like any other Google product, Gmail app for mobile is a very easy to use the app. In fact, it offers the same functionality as what appears on the desktop version. The versatile nature of this app also helps in increasing its popularity.You can use this app to access not just Gmail accounts, but also accounts from other email clients such as Hotmail, Yahoo, and Outlook.

What this means is that you will no longer need to download and install a separate email client for managing your emails on Hotmail, Yahoo or Outlook. Instead, all you need is to get the latest version of Gmail app, and you can log into all these accounts from one platform.

Easily categorize emails

The latest Gmail app comes with features that no other client offers. The ability to hold more than one account has been boosted by adding categories from the desktop version. As a result, users of the Gmail app will be able to categorize their emails under Primary, Promotions, and Social; which helps in ensuring a clean inbox that is also less cluttered. Your emails stay organized and accessing any of them is very easy.

Keyboard shortcuts added

Gmail app also comes in with a bunch of keyboard shortcuts that can be very helpful in the quick execution of tasks. You can get more details on the available keyboard shortcuts by running a simple Google search. However, make sure you are ready to memorize them so as to enjoy their use; otherwise, it will be a waste of time having to check for a shortcut before using it.

Set a priority inbox

There are lots of emails that come to your email from sites you have subscribed to and other mailing lists. Some of these emails are not that important to you, and all they do is mess your inbox. You can choose to prioritize emails or even de-prioritize them as you wish. However, you’ll enjoy this feature much better if you opt for the priority inbox tool. Using this tool, you can easily segregate all your important and unimportant mails.

Stars can also help in making important mails in your inbox. You can then select the “Starred” messages to be availed in the high priority inbox. You can also do the same with spam emails where they will be directed to the spam folder.

Gmail offline

There is a new tool known as Google Gear. Using this tool, it is now possible to access Gmail when offline. You no longer need an internet connection to read your emails in your inbox. However, this feature only allows access to already existing emails. New emails will require an internet connection for them to be loaded on your device for later offline access.