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Facebook Hello Dialer 2.0 Version Download – New Layout and Improved Featuers


Facebook released an application that uses the Facebook database and when someone is calling you, “Hello” will identify the caller, so you’ll know which one of your contacts is bothering you. Even if you don’t have that person in your list of friends, you’ll still know who that person is, and if he’s a stalker, you’ll be able to block his number. “Hello” was upgraded to version 2.0 and you can download it from the Google Play Store.

Facebook failed with the “Facebook Home” project and the team was dissolved. But, the desire to get the best out of Android was too big and the company tried its luck again with a new application that follows Google’s Material Design guidelines. However, even if the users will easily access the recent calls, the Facebook contacts and Settings, they aren’t able to import their phones’ existing contacts, which means that it will notify you only when you will be called by someone who has a Facebook account.

On “Hello”, you can block unwanted calls, search for friends or locations on Facebook and call and send messages to other Facebook users via Messenger. Also, if more people will block the same number, Hello will do the same in your case, so that person won’t be able to bother you, because he/she is on the black list. Also, you won’t need to switch between Hello and Facebook app to search for contacts you will see their public info such as profile pictures, birthdays or places where they live. Also, you will add, edit and call contacts just like you’ll do on your smartphone.

The new version, which was added to the Google Play store two days ago, comes with some changes: there is a new call card layout which allows the users to answer calls with one swipe; the application will filter contacts so that the users will see only people with phone numbers; the users can change their contacts’ photos or sync them with Facebook; the users will be notified when they block calls or have missed calls; the users can create shortcuts on their home screens to reach their top contacts more easily; Hello can be used on two SIM cards and with right-to-left languages.

Have you installed Hello on your Android device? Are you satisfied with this application?