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Gmail Free App Receives Google Hangouts Integration in its Chat Service


Google Hangouts is one of the many apps that the Google brand is behind their continued growth and development.

Using Hangouts, the users can easily keep in touch with any other user of the application without incurring any costs.

The ability of apps to offer users with free instant messaging has grown to become a norm in today’s highly technological world. There is however no instant messaging app that is complete if it does not also offer some form of live communication apart from messages. This is exactly what Google Hangouts is as it adds voice and video calling capabilities to its instant messaging services.

Google Hangouts can be used to hold conferences where up to 10 people can participate in the video conferencing meeting. Whether you are using a smartphone, tablet, or a PC, regardless of the operating system, Google Hangouts will be able to download and install on your device. Hangouts was launched just recently and it has already reached a massive 500 million people as far as its user base is concerned.

Google Hangouts is justified to replace Google Talk

Google Hangouts was released mainly to take the place of Google Talk, which has been the company’s leading provider of instant messaging services for years. The GTalk app was not replaced in a one-time move, rather, Hangouts has slowly been integrated into mobile and PC platforms and now there is no longer any sign of the renowned Google Talk app.

There are some people who are obviously not happy about this move. However, it is also obvious that they are unhappy because they haven’t taken off sometime to try out the latest features in the new Google Hangouts app. The latest mobile messenger for Hangouts features a very simple and easy to use interface. Furthermore, this app has no any form of limitations as it can also be used on any browser or device as long as one can access Google. The quality of voice and video are much better than what you used to get with GTalk, which makes this app a worthy successor to the Google Talk app.

Google Hangouts has now been integrated in Gmail chat

The Google Hangouts app is available for free download from the official Google Play Store for the Android users and the iTunes App Store for iOS users. Unlike other apps like WhatsApp, which ask for a fee in order to use for life, Hangouts is free to use for life.

Just recently, Gmail for desktops received a revamp in its chat service where the GTalk client has been replaced by Google Hangouts. This is the same integration that we’ve witnessed in Google+ where Hangouts is used as the main chat service. From now on, users of Gmail will now access the services of Google Hangouts right from their chat section. There is, however, an option to revert back to the old chat service if you are not happy with Hangouts as your main chat app in Gmail.