Google made the Android Wear official at the Google I/O Conference that concluded recently.

Barely a few weeks after the announcement the same company has come up with a similar announcement, but this time for the Google Hangouts app meant for use on Android Wear.

As of now, the app has not been released just yet. However, it is expected to be out in the next few weeks.

Google Hangouts 4.0 for Android Wear is still unstable

At the moment, the latest version of Google Hangouts 4.0 for Android Wear is still having some performance issues. There is still a problem with sending of messages using voice commands; however, the new version has made some major improvements in other areas. On top of the UI you’ll notice a green bar and a list of all the conversations that you have had. It is possible to switch off or even log off from your account from this end.

When the conversation window is opened, users have the liberty to choose from a number of methods to use in responding to messages, for instance, emojis or voice messages. At the moment, there is no provision for sending images in the Android Wear version of Hangouts. However, this is not expected to go on for a long period as newer versions will with no doubt think about this possibility.

Even though users will have to wait for about a week or so before the stable version of Google Hangouts for Android Wear is released, those enthusiastic ones can still download a beta version of the app and install it. Despite the fact that the official release date of this app is not yet known, one thing that is certain is that the use of voice commands to send messages has been integrated into the app.

Google still working on Android M, Android Auto and many more

At the recent Google I/O conference, Google made some promising revelations, among them the new Android M and Android Auto. These are the things that the company is currently working on and besides all these; the developers have been very busy working on the improvements for the Android Wear. This is aimed at ensuring that Android Wear comes to level terms with the Apple Watch.

To even further the competition between these two and eliminate any dependence on the services of each other, Apple has recently went into partnership with Bing search engine so that those using this platform no longer have to depend on Google search and in turn add more revenue to this competing firm.

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