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Latest Google Hangouts 4.0 for Android Depicts Improvements in Chat Interface


Google Hangouts app for Android will soon be receiving a new update that will bring changes and improvements to the chat interface of this instant messaging app.

Google Hangouts 4.0 still in beta

At the moment, the users can get hold of a beta version of the Hangouts app for Android, which may still not be the final version as more features are expected to be added to this platform. Furthermore, since the stability of the app is not yet assured, there will probably be more additions in the course of making the app a more stable version for all Android users.

What’s new in Hangouts 4.0?

If you take a look at the new Google Hangouts chat interface, you hear the song of Material Design singing loud across the interface, with a floating button of “new conversation” located towards the bottom right corner of the chat window.

There is some resemblance with Apple’s iMessage, thanks to the app’s floating and rounded conversation bubbles. There is also a new menu bar that has been placed along the bottom of the field for entering messages, taking the place of the paperclip icon. Using this new option, it will be possible to quickly add pictures, location or emojis to your messages.

You will no longer be seeing your profile picture in the chat window. There are also further changes with the color schemes, where your comments are now displayed in white while messages from friends are displayed in green. Sad enough, these changes are only available for the mobile phone version and not the tablet or PC version. However, there are more hopes that the app will continue to receive many other changes that will eventually yield an unmatched app as far as interface and performance are concerned.

Latest Google Hangouts 4.0 to be launched with Android M

As noted above, the latest version of Google Hangouts is still in beta and as such, you won’t find it in the official Google Play Store for direct update. As you may be aware now, beta versions are not usually stable as they are meant for testing purposes after which any errors are rectified and a full and stable version is then released.

At the moment there is no available APK version for download, however, these changes are expected to be reflected in the new app when it is officially released. There is also no official news of when this new Google Hangouts 4.0 for Android devices will be out, but according to reports, it will be launched together with Android M.