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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 to be Released This Summer


The year 2015 has so far been huge as far as technological advancements are concerned.

In essence, this year will see almost every aspect of our mobile world change and for sure, it will be a year to remember.

This will be known as the year when everything about the future changed and took a huge turn. 2015 is truly a defining moment for Microsoft. Even though Microsoft has been around for more than three decades, this year seems like the company is making its baby steps. The entire legacy of the Windows OS is taking a twist where the company has begun a brand new process of rebuilding the operating system from scratch. However, this might seem cumbersome, the company knows that it is for the better tomorrow.

Windows 10 will officially be released on 29 July. This announcement has got some users very excited; however, don’t be mistaken to think that it’s only users of PCs who will be rejoicing when this OS is launched. The new Windows 10 will be compatible with more devices than ever, be it a PC, tablet, phone, gaming consoles and many other large and small screen devices. The versatile nature of changes that Microsoft has introduced in Windows 10 have helped a lot in assuring users that this OS will be a hit and not miss.

More than 1 million downloads for Windows 10 beta version

Windows 10 is at the moment still in beta. What this means is that only developers and those users who sign up for the Windows Insider program will be able to access this OS until its official release to the public is made. Ever since the beta version started rolling out, there are already more than 1 million people who have downloaded this OS for testing purposes.

One problem is we don’t know how long it will take Microsoft to roll out this OS on all of its supported gadgets. According to the way this OS has been marketed, it seems that users must have more than one gadget to realize the full power of this OS. If you are looking for a second or third device on which to utilize Windows 10, there is no better gadget than the Surface Pro.

Surface Pro 4 release date

The Microsoft Surface Pro series of tablets are among the best devices you can get in this niche. Now that the new Windows 10 is coming out, Microsoft will be launching a new Surface Pro 4 that will be based on this new OS platform. As of now, there is no news on the official date of this device’s release, but rumors suggest that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will be out this September.

When it is officially launched, the Surface Pro 4 will go in the books of history as the first ever tablet to run on Windows 10 OS. Initially, it was thought that the new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will come prior to the release of Windows 10. However, now that the OS will be launched at the end of next month, it leaves September as the only ideal month for rolling out this gadget. This delay is because the device still needs some improvements and tweaks that will ensure it runs flawlessly on Windows 10 Mobile and has no issues with syncing with other devices.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has the power of a laptop in a tablet body

The new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will be rolled out before this year ends, that’s for sure. Another thing that is for sure is that you’ll get more than a tablet with this device. You can turn it into a laptop and use it in this capacity thanks to the powerful nature of specs and features that it is packed with.