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Raspberry Pi vs Arduino – Which One Deserves Our Attention?


Arduino and Raspberry Pi are inexpensive gizmos destined for the use of developers. Those who belong to the DIY community usually recommend these two gadgets considering their great price tag and their specs. However, this article will reveal other fine points that should be take into account when it comes to these two gizmos. For those of you who don’t know, let’s start off by clarifying the fact that Raspberry Pi is a computer device while Arduino is a microcontroller.

1.Arduino – it is a microcontroller and it is merely one piece that belongs to a computer. So, it is not an actual computer. It is simply designed for programming projects. You can buy Arduino at a lower price than the Raspberry Pi. The Arduino comes packed with sensors that allow it to do things that the Pi one cannot perform. So if you want to control any type of household appliance or for instance an RC vehicle, you need to grab a hold of Arduino.

2.Raspberry Pi – This is an actual computer and of course it means it will cost a lot more money. Of course if we were to compare the Pi with a desktop PC or even a mobile device, the Pi is a cheaper variant. The Raspberry Pi comes with an original kit, however if you want it to function as an authentic computer, you will need to invest in other items as well. These include: SD card, screen and peripherals as well.

Raspberry Pi vs Arduino 2

The Raspberry Pi lacks the sensors that Arduino has, so it gives it less feasibility. This device is perfect for those who work in the software development area. Windows 10, Linux as well as Android all work on the Pi.

Final thoughts – Arduino is the perfect device if you simply wish to control some basic home systems. It comes at a really inexpensive price and it can be instantly used. If you wish to tackle with some software or computers, the Pi device is the choice for you. The Pi 2 is also at your disposal if you’re looking to get a more potent and capable device, one that could also fit in your wallet or pocket. Just keep in mind that the Pi will need a lot more time to be set-up. So be patient!