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Subway Surfers Free Download – Learn the Basics To Win


Subway Surfer, the chase game, developed by Kiloo and SYBO games is an endless running play with an impressive colourful 3D graphics.

Let it be a kid, teenagers or parents; the time you start playing, everybody turn into the young hooligan named Jake. Jake is a default character that has been used here. You can find most of the characters here similar to each other except their costumes. The game play allows you to run through the subway, overcome the obstacles to save yourself from the fat inspector and his dog and collect many coins.

How to Surf the Subway

This game provides you with a few basic surfing methods. A hoverboard helps you surf the tracks in a speedy manner.  However, this hoverboard will not remain with you for a longer time. Then comes the jump over or roll under technique. Once you find the coins a little above your head level, you need to jump over and collect the coins. If you do not want yourself to hit with an obstacle, you can either jump over them or roll from below the hurdles. In addition to this, you can soar over the train if you find coins in the air. Try jumping safely to land properly on the top of the other train; otherwise, you will have to miss your life. You can even fly along the overhead wires. This will help you grab a lot of coins without any obstacles. But again be careful while landing on the ground. There may be some immediate obstacles or trains. You can also jump using jetpack to pass through these obstacles quickly.

How to score high

Here, in this endless journey, you can boost your score with these quick tactics

  • Do not lose a single multiplier. The multiplier will start form X1 until you score X30. You can easily gain a high score grabbing these multipliers.
  • Collect the magnet as soon as you see it. It will help you chase all the coins.
  • Never miss a key. Every key will act as a life for you.
  • You have to snatch the jetpack. This will give you the power to fly over the trains and get all the coins.
  • Collect the mystery box. After every level you will get a chance to open it. The mystery box is a surprise package of any one power booster.
  • Use the hoverboard wisely. The chance of banging off the train is even more.
  • If you spend your coins wisely you can double them. Use the coins and buy advantages like upgrades, double coins or a hoverboard.
  • Avoid obstacles. This will lead you to a high score.


How to Get High Score Through Daily Challenges

  • First thing before you start this game is to go for daily challenges
  • Collect all the letters quickly. The Power boosters will be replaced by these letters.
  • Do not miss taking a single letter
  • You can get a powerful super mystery box if you play it for consecutive 5 days

Get through the tips and play each level of Subway Surfers wisely, to earn maximum points and run through the top of the charts.