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Temple Run 2 Free Download – A Guide to Escape the Temple


Temple Run 2, the new version of Temple Run, is as exciting as its previous version.

Imangi Studio launches this series with some extra elements; such as the Dangerous Guy can not only run, but also can swim in a zip zap way. The hurdles are made tougher than they were earlier. Above all, the major addition of this version is the running water. You will find Jack sliding down the water and making ways through logs and obstacles. This game follows the prototype of padding up elements to the sequel. This is just not an update to the original temple Run but a complete new game with a sequel.

What is the Concept Of the Game

The game is all about running and sliding down, collecting as many coins as you can. The player has to run through forest or slide through rivers to pile up these coins. The coins help the player gain points and scores through the gaming charts.

How to Play

There is no pause button for the game. The player cannot stop the game unless he or she is willing to lose his or her life and end the game. If the player finds an obstacle, he needs to swipe up the screen and jump off the obstacle. Similarly, he can jump over the hurdle and watch his legs before it is hurt and the monkey comes running behind him. The player can swipe left or right to collect coins, take turns or overcome similar other obstacles. For every level, the player can fulfil only three goals at a time. In addition to his, on his way to escape the temple, the player will find many power-ups such as gem bonus, magnet, shield, boost and score bonus.

Have a look at the cheat sheet to bring in more coins and score in your bag.

Cheat sheet

  • Collect all the important power-ups. This will help the player gain points and increase the score.
  • Get free stuff if the player is new to the game. This will help you bag some coins.
  • Aim for the level objectives first so that the player can complete the mission quickly.
  • Do not over speed and get into trouble. In case you get high speed, do not collect coins, try saving your life. The player can hit an obstacle to reduce the speed.
  • Collect the magnet booster. This will help the player collect many coins without swiping left and right.
  • Always keep the mine craft tilted. This will help you win easily. The quickness will determine how you clear that level. Moreover, the player may find a few incomplete tracks to pay definite attention.
  • Do not go for those power-ups, which are at the edge of the bridge or road. It is better to ignore them than losing your life.
  • Never use head starts. This will not help player collect a lot of coins.
  • Do not waste a single green diamond.
  • Be ready to jump before reaching the edges.
  • If the player is not an expert in jumping high, he or she must not go for power-ups or coins above the cliff.
  • The player can get coins or lives by liking the Facebook page or following the Twitter page of Temple Run 2.

Playing Temple Run 2 is fun. Do not focus too much while playing this game. Just run, jump and slide, turn left or right. With these few tips you are all set for the best game. Let us thank the creators of the game Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova, who designed this adventure for all game lovers.