Technology advancements have made things as far as life is concerned a lot easier than before.

Humans are using different platforms to communicate as compared to what they used about two decades ago.

Communication has become a very easy task for any user, and as time passes, this process is even going to get much faster and even cheaper than before. About two decades ago, you’d have been branded a confused person if you suggested that at some point people will be sending messages for free. It would even have been worse if you mentioned anything to do with free voice and video calling. However, a little over a decade ago, Skype made headlines with the introduction of a PC client for voice and video calling as well as instant messaging.

This moved everything closer and as of now, there are more than enough apps for free instant messaging and voice calling services. However, the biggest development of these apps is the VoIP service and the biggest players in this industry are of course Skype, WhatsApp, and Viber. While Skype and Viber can be termed as masters of this niche, WhatsApp is only but joining this platform of making voice calls after dominating largely as an instant messaging app.

With WhatsApp and Viber, you will enjoy the easy and hassle-free process of creating an account. However, Skype is a little cumbersome, but you will get the best quality of services.  Honestly, it is not feasible to have all three apps installed on your device, but you can still have all of them if you have nothing to worry about when it comes to storage space. Ideally, you need to install one of these apps on your phone and for sure, the choice of which one is very hard, but lucky you because we are here to help.


When it comes to the VoIP world, WhatsApp is the latest entrant. With the feature barely half a year old, it is not the best platform to go to when looking for a free voice calling app. However, you will be sure to meet more people on this app than on any other platform in this post. Users can still use it to send and receive instant messages, but calls are not yet stable on all platforms. Furthermore, there is no video calling support, but it is expected to be introduced at some point.

Sharing of files on WhatsApp is limited to 16MB, which is something very frustrating when you want to share larger files.


As noted earlier, Skype is the pioneer of VoIP services after having introduced them on PCs back in 2003. The app had already changed ownership several times, with eBay having taken control of it at some point before Microsoft took over reigns. Skype is no longer just available on PCs; rather, it can also be installed on mobile devices as well.

Other than allowing free calls to all users as well as free messaging and sharing of files, Skype also allows calls to be placed to non-users, be it on landlines or even their mobile phones. However, there is a small charge involved during these calls. The quality of calls you get with Skype is unmatched, which is why the app still tops the chats when it comes to VoIP services.

Unlike other apps, there is no limit in the size of files you can share on Skype. Furthermore, the app will let you enjoy live video chats with any other person using the app, be it on a mobile phone, tablet or PC.


Viber was introduced in 2010 and since then, it hasn’t looked back when it comes to growth. The app is now being followed by over 500 million people thanks to its abilities in voice calling as well as video calling. The app can be installed on almost any mobile device that connects to the internet. There is also a PC version and with all installed versions of Viber, you’ll enjoy seamless syncing you’ve never seen before.

Viber allows more customizations to be done, and it also comes with a very large collection of stickers and emoji. Just like Skype, you can still be able to call non-users of the app for a small fee.

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