The OS X 10.11 (also known as El Capitan) is the newest OS that was revealed by Apple Inc. at the WWDC expo. The latter will have to face Microsoft’s Windows 10 OS in a pretty harsh competition. Let’s have a closer look at these two OS and see which one takes the lead:

Launch date – Windows 10 will be up and running in no time. It is already out there under the form of a beta variant and it will officially come out in the 29th of July, this current year. As far as the El Capitan OS, no one knows when the roll out will happen. Some predict that it will happen in the fall season. We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?

Costs – Both of these operating systems are at the general public’s disposal for free. If you own a new iMac or even a Windows PC laptop, you can update your OS without any additional costs.

Compatibility – Don’t worry, both of these operating systems will definitely operate on a variety of computers that exists on the market. But the OS X 10.11 should be able to operate on more devices than the Windows 10 one, because it functions on Apple hardware. El Captain will work on IMacs, MackBook laptops, all versions of the MacBook Pro as well as Mac Book Air, Mac Minis and so on.

Windows is also struggling to enhance its compatibility features. The OS will work for Windows 8 and 7. The only difficulties that this operating system might encounter might be the Windows XP computers. But here is a huge advantage for Windows devotees: they can use the OS on mobile phones and even tablets. Unfortunately Apple’s El Capitan is not meant to function on the latter gizmos.

Enhanced Security – the newest Windows 10 OS is a pretty secure version of Windows, but Mac enthusiasts should also count on enhanced security when it comes to the OS X 10.11. If you encounter any threats on the latter OS, it will not damage your Mac because of its UNIX unit implemented and because developers have eliminated and mended a vast majority of bugs on the OS X platform.

State-of-the features – The brand new features that can be found in OS X 10.11 are:

  • a revamped UI
  • enhanced Wi-fi features
  • a great social app
  • App Store search

Windows 10 has:

  • Universal applications
  • QuickType-style
  • Cortana (the personal assistant)
  • the Start menu will be reinstated
  • Project Spartan replaces Internet Explorer

Final Thoughts:

Both of these brand new operating systems have their pluses and minuses. Avid players will surely be more interested in Windows 10 while those who are looking for a bug-free OS and a secure one will love the OS X. Let’s not forget about Cortana, which is definitely the icing on the cake for Windows 10. The competition is not over yet!

Applications Windows 10 vs OS X El Capitan – The Competition Is On