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Adobe Flash Player BETA Download – Microsoft Edge Improvements


As most of you know already know, Mozilla is tring to get „rid” of Adobe’s Flash Player forever by bringing their own „Project Shumway”. However, there are others who will continue to support it and that includes Microsoft.

Microsoft’s upcoming Edge browser, will come pre-installed in Windows 10 on desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones. This new browser will also feature a Flash Player built-in and Microsoft will make sure to develir you all Adobe’s patches and fixes whenever they are released for the Adobe Flash Player. This is not something new, as it is already happening right now with the Internet Explorer 10 and Internet Explore 11.

Adobe has released a new Adobe Flash Player version today, which will enhance the experience in Microsoft Edge browser as it features many improvements that were made especially for this browser.

Browser restart is not needed anymore

One of the most important features that Adobe Flash Player 18 comes with is that you will no longer need to restart your browser when you’re installing it for the first time. For example, Mozilla Firefox doens’t come with Adobe Flash Player pre-installed. So, you had to manually install Adobe Flash Player and, after that, you had to restart the browser or else the Flash Player was not going to function.

Well, you don’t have to worry about this anymore, as after installing Adobe Flash Player on your Windows PC, it will be automatically activated on your browser without restarting it.

Adobe Flash Player BETA also comes with several bug fixes and improvements for the Microsoft Edge browser. So, in case you’re planing to update to Windows 10 as soon as it gets official released, you will notice that the Adobe Flash Player is working smoothly, without any issues.

HINT: Keep in mind that this is a BETA version, which means that it may contain some hidden bugs and errors, which will be fixed eventually by the developers before it gets to the STABLE form.