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Cortana for Android Coming in July, is it Worth Downloading?


A month ago, Microsoft announced that Cortana, its virtual assistant will be available for the Android users through Play Store.

Now, the company has scheduled a release date, which will be in the first 10 days of July. But is it Cortana worth downloading on your Android device? Or are you better off with Google’s stock assistant, Google Now?

Cortana’s Features

Cortana for Android will have almost all the features that the standard Cortana version for Windows has. You will still be able to get reminders for when to pick up something from the store, the phone will be able to wake you up when needed and much more. With the latest update, Cortana will support tracking flights, packages, alerts for travels, work and much more. The assistant will also be able to answer the questions you might have, for the weather, stock, currencies and more. The assistant will still be able to sync your handset with your Microsoft desktop computer (provided your desktop PC runs on Windows 10). You can start tasks on your PC, but then continue on your smartphone.

The Poll

A recent poll conducted by a technology news website showed that the users are curious about what Cortana will bring to the table. The poll results showed that almost half of the iOS and Android users (47.82%) will definitely try Cortana, and if it is good, stick with it. More than a third (36.75%), answered that they will try it out of curiosity, but will likely stick to Siri and Google Now. Only 15% of the people in the survey answered they will not try out Cortana. The poll is good news for Microsoft, as the company is hoping that Cortana will help improve the popularity of their software and phones. At the moment, Microsoft holds between 4-5% of the smartphone market.

Why Should You Stick to Google Now?

The main reason why Google Now will work better is that it is a stock Android assistant. In essence, Cortana is not much better than Google Now. But once you consider the fact that Cortana will not be integrated into the Android eco system as much as it is in Windows 10, Google Now is the better option. Last, but not the least, Microsoft just recently added the option for Cortana to track your emails and data and adjust to your preferences. For years, both Microsoft and Apple were criticizing Google’s invasion of privacy, but they are now both trying to make their assistants adjust to the user’s preferences. Google Now does this for quite some time, and with the latest improvement and integration in Android M, Google Now will possibly be the best virtual assistant on the market.