The cheapest and simplest of all anti-virus products NOD32 from ESET offers the most comprehensive list of features.

This includes antivirus, anti-spyware, social media scanner, anti-phishing, exploit-blocker and more. With one of the best looking interface that is clean and concise ESET NOD32 has a no-nonsense approach. Categories are located on the left. The icons and selection menu can be seen on the control window. Other exclusive features are repeating the scan last performed and also specifically targeting removable media. The data is then logged and scanned to display recent activities.

Security benefits

ESET takes into consideration even some of most intricate potentially unwanted programs that most antivirus software won’t even detect! The software scans assorted files and produces a good list of scanned outputs. The report generated is far better than most other program suites with a high degree of ‘check’ and ‘recheck’ of file data. Also, there might be a slowdown rate when the system is running multiple programs in the background, which may not essentially be the case with the others.

The slowdown recorded is different in every test, but on an average, the record number of scanned list when compared to others was much better. The neat and clean interface makes it easier to check out the various abilities of the software. For instance, the total number of files assorted, files scanned, virus threats, etc. is displayed accurately. Also, the number of scanned files was much more given that most of the antivirus software may not be able to classify certain programs as ‘reasonable threat’ or ‘malware’.

False detections

ESET NOD32 has also been known to record some programs as malware due to the high security feature enabled in the software. The total security anti-virus suite fights against all potential virus and firewall threats thus protecting your system. There have been certain data programs detected as malware even though they have been missed by others. With such accuracy and thorough scanning we can safely state that the program is certainly one that makes your computer system – PC or laptop so secure!

NOD32 is one of those anti-virus, anti-spyware protection suites that combine all the strengths of a good check in place. Though it can’t be termed as the best as there are more upgrades required to combat PC security issues in the current scenario, yet it is definitely one of the better suites available today. There are several extras associated with such a product such that it doesn’t really disrupt the normal functioning of the system. A surprising aspect is that the anti-spam isn’t included in the product.

This is an easy-to-use software product and provides the PC users with supreme data protection. It is a strong contender of the #1 spot, but we’d say that more upgrades will certainly help it excel in the category. But for now ESET NOD 32 is genuinely the most accomplished of the lot in terms of design, usage, functionality and output. The results might vary with every search conducted; however, most searches have recorded a low downtime detecting viruses and malware brilliantly!

Applications ESET NOD32 Review – Important Features and Security Benefits Offered