The interactive and ingenious strategy game from Bethesda, Fallout Shelter is bringing in the big bucks. This game just came out and apparently is it very well-received among gamers. According to App Annie. Fallout Shelter occupies the 3rd place among other iOS apps in the US and United Kingdom, thus leaving Candy Crush Saga far behind.

Fallout Shelter is the number 1 most downloaded free application on the US App Store. It managed to surpass Facebook app, Instagram, Youtube and even Snapchat, can you believe it? The truth of the matter is that the only ones who actually know the exact amount of money that Fallout Shelter is producing are those from Bethesda.

Candy Crush Saga was producing $2m/day only in the first term of 2015, of course on various platforms. Currently, the strategy game from Bethesda is accessible solely on the following devices: iPad and iPhone. But Android devotees should also be happy to hear that the game will soon be up for grabs for them as well.

But why does Fallout Shelter generate so much cash? Because the lunchboxes were sold like hot cakes. One lunchbox has a price of 79p, but for merely £2.99 you can get five of them and for £7.99 you can buy 15 lunchbox, so not a bad deal right? In these lunchboxes, you will also find 4 Fallout Shelter cards. And you can be sure that one of those four cards is either rare or of an exceptional quality.

They will come in handy if you wish to develop your vault or simply if you want the vault residents to survive. It may not mean anything, but surely gamers are reaching deep into their pockets to purchase these lunchboxes, of course it’s mostly because they wish to get their hands on the cards.

And let’s not disregard the fact that the Fallout game is also pretty popular, so this may be another reason behind the grand success of the Fallout Shelter game. If you love the original game, you will adore this one as well. We can only assume that Bethesda will be on cloud nine when it will start counting the cash generated by Fallout Shelter.

Check the trailer of Fallout Shelter below:

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