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Gmail App Free Download and Install with Top Design Improvements and New Layout


Gmail is without a shadow of doubt the leading provider of email services across the globe.

This application has more than 900 million users, with the Gmail app commanding a massive 500+ million.

What has contributed to a large number of people using Gmail and the Gmail app on mobile devices is the fact that this app comes preinstalled on all Android devices. In addition, the users of these devices must have a Gmail account in order to register for the services of the Google Play Store, which is the home of all apps needed to run on this platform.

As each day passes, Google steps in with new features, improvements and modifications as well. All these developments are aimed at making this app the best as far as email services are concerned. The latest version of Gmail app comes in with numerous top features in addition to a changed layout. In fact, more of the desktop features of Gmail have been migrated to the mobile app, making the experience more of the same with using the desktop client. It is for this reason you need to download and install the latest version of Gmail on your Android phone, as it will also ease your access of emails as you can do anything on the go.

When the Gmail app is installed on your smartphone, you will be sure of never missing anything on your email. This is true because you will be notified whenever a new mail comes in and you can also respond to it from this end. All you need is a suitable internet connection and that’s all.

Gmail is the best email app in the 21st century

Google is the best when it comes to simplicity, speed and ease of use. With all of its services and apps, these aspects are evident and the Gmail app is no exception. The app has a very simple UI and the services it offers are very reliable. The speed at which the app executes commands is also unmatched, which means the app helps a lot in saving your phone’s resources, be it mobile data, RAM or battery power.

If you are using the Gmail app on your Android phone or tablet, it is time you update to the latest version so as to enjoy the new and improved features of the email client.

Why you must update Gmail app for Android to the latest version now

There are several reasons as to why you need to update your installed Gmail app for Android to the latest version.

One huge feature you’ll get when you update your Gmail app to the latest version via the Google Play Store is the ability to sign in with more than one email address. Furthermore, this new version does not just support Gmail addresses; it also works perfectly well with Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook and many others. This means that you only need one client to handle all your emails.

Another major reason you must update to the latest version of Gmail app for Android is due to the new layout that makes using the app even much simpler than before. Navigation has been made easier and just like the PC version, you will be able to categorize emails in tabs like Primary, Promotions, Social and Forums.

If you haven’t seen any of these changes in your Gmail app for Android, you are probably running on an outdated version. Go to the Google Play Store and update to the latest version in order to get these new features and improvements in this Google email client for Android mobile phones.