Sometimes, we accidentally click on the Send button, without verifying if there are any typos in our messages. We don’t want to make a fool of ourselves and we don’t want to be in embarrassing situations, by sending the wrong file. To avoid these unpleasant situations, use Criptext to unsend your messages. The application is available on the Google Play store and you can install it as an extension for Chrome and Safari. It works only with Gmail.

With this application, you can communicate with your coworkers very fast and safely, because it diminishes information leaks and puts the sender in control of the information hw/she wants to send. Criptext uses a patented text streaming technology, which means that the messages that are sent don’t remain on the recipient’s device. Besides, if the user sends a message to the wrong person, he/she will be able to take back the text.

Criptext has a few important features such as: screenshot alert, Synchronized Company Directory, encrypted messages (AES-256b End-to-End), PIN App Locking, secure group messaging and self-destructing messages is an optional feature. Criptext is available for Gmail and you can add the extension to your Chrome or Safari browser. Your emails are encrypted and you are notified when they’re opened by the recipient. When it’s opened, the text is converted into an image, so that the bots can’t scan it, so your messages are safe. Also, Criptext gives you the option to set the message to self-destruct after a specific time.

The maximum supported file size for the attachments is 1000MB and all files are also encrypted and displayed in an attachment viewer. Also, you can lock them with a password and you will prevent the receipt from downloading or printing them.

However, Criptext, as an extension, will continue to be in beta for the next six months. When you’ll install it and you’ll send a message on Gmail, you’ll check the Enable box. A new Email Activity button will appear and inform you about the message’s status, if it has been read. Also, if you change your mind, you can undo your sent message.

In the future, the developers will make this service available as an extension for Firefox, Thunderbird, Mac Mail and will be compatible with Microsoft’s email service as well.

Applications Gmail Messages and Attachments Can Be Unsend With Criptext