Business people depend on their phones, tablet, laptops or computers to keep in touch with their customers or partners, because communication is the key to success. So, they need to install messaging applications which offer as many features as possible. In this article, we’ll compare two products created especially for business purposes: WebEx and GoToMeeting. The first meeting tool was launched in 1995, while the other came nine years later and it’s a meeting, desktop sharing, and video conferencing software.


Both services can be used on devices running on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Microsoft Windows and Mac, while WebEx can also be installed on Linux-based machines.

How to initiate a meeting

Since both products support online meetings, to initiate a conference on WebEx, first you’ll log into your account via your browser and you’ll invite people using the meeting creation screen. After these people are selected, the system emails them a link with an invitation to the WebEx site, where they’re expected later. If they’ve never used WebEx before, they’ll need to install the plug-in, then they’ll be added to the meeting.

To initiate a meeting on GoToMeeting, you will need to follow pretty much the same steps, but after clicking the “Invite Others” button, the website won’t send invitations to the participants and it will rely on the presenter’s computer’s on-board email package.

To access the features of WebEx, you will have a normal menu strip, while GoToMeeting has a Control Panel that is placed on front of any content you have on the screen.

Screen sharing

If you want to share your desktop and show your collaborators a presentation, you can allow them to temporarily take control of the session, so they can present their projects too, then you can take back control of the session. As a presenter, you can limit what the audience will see, which means that you don’t need to share your entire screen. If you receive messages through Outlook or other messaging applications, you can choose to hide those notifications.

The users can connect to a conference from their computers using headphones and a webcam, while the phone owners will use their devices’ microphones and speakers + front cameras.

Freehand scribbling

WebEx has a Whiteboard on which the presenter and the participant can draw and write texts, while GoToMeeting offers “Drawing Tools” for the Windows users.


GoToMeeting is free for Chrome as an add-on and it allows the users to organize video conferences with up to three people. The paid versions depend on the number of organizers and the number of attendees. For the 25-attendee option, you’ll pay £29/month, or £276/year per organizer, while for the 100-attendee option, you’ll pay £34/ month or £326/year per organizer.

WebEx has a basic version allows free video conferences with up to three people, while the paid versions are: Premium 8, which allows meeting with up to eight people and it costs£15/month per host; Premium 25 allows meetings with nine hosts and to the meeting can be added up to 25 people. This version costs £30/month per host. Finally, the Premium 100 version supports up to nine hosts and up to 100 people per meeting and it costs £49/month per host.

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