Notifications are an important aspect of how we use our smartphone and the user experience.

Google has done a great job in recent years to improve the notifications system, delivering a system that brings the most important notifications to you when you need them. But you can still improve and adjust the notification system on your LG, which will improve your user experience. Here are three ways of how to do it.

Glance View

Glance view is a feature that allows you to check your notifications without even unlocking the phone. The features saves you some seconds and allows you to see messages and on the lock screen. You need to swipe down with your finger on the lock screen to check a preview of the notifications, messages and actions. When you swipe down, you need to keep your finger on the screen for Glance View to work. Once you release your finger, Glance view will go away on your G4. Once you get the preview, you can even see more info by double tapping using the feature Knock On.

More Space in Notification Shade

LG has done a great job of improving the space in the notification shade, but you can always make it better. On the LG G4, you can remove the QSlide and the volume slider for more breathing room. Besides, you can access the QSlide apps from the Quick Settings toggle menu at any time. In the quick settings toggle, you can also access the settings and check which toggles and menus you want to see in the quick settings. Volume slider, QSlide and brightness can all be turned off.

More Lock Screen Notifications

While there are still only two notifications on the lock screen, there is a trick how you can see more on the LG G4. Previously, on the G3 for example, the two notifications were all you can get. However, on the G4, you can swipe down to expand the lock screen menu. That is, if you see icons under the two notifications displayed.

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