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Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus Offline Download – Windows 32 and 64bit Improvements


Office 365 ProPlus is a new Office package that is part of the Office 365 product suite and it’s available for all Windows Devices. The Office 365 ProPlus comes with OneNote, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Lync and Publisher.

It is good to know that you can download and install Office 365 ProPlus very fast and use its tools right away. If you buy Office 365 ProPlus, you will also get a licence for 5 different computers, which is great if you own two or more computers. The Office 365 also runs side-by-side with other existing Office programs without any problems.

Features that Office 365 Pro Plus comes with

– Office 365 Pro Plus comes with all basic features that you will find in any other Office version
– Quick and easy installation
– No internet connection is required to use it
– You will need to renew the license every month
– Can be installed on 5 different computers (you get 5 licences)
– Can store the files locally or on the cloud
– There are the same programs that are found on Office 2013.

Office 365 Pro Plus: How to install it on your computer

Office 365 Pro Plus offline installation file has 999MB and can be downloaded after you purchase the application. The installation is easy and is completed very fast without problems.

So, first of all, download the file and extract it on your computer. Then, run setup.exe and follow the prompts to complete the installation. When the installation is complete, start using the Office 365 Pro Plus.

Have you used Office 365 Pro Plus yet? Have you written some documents using Word or Excel yet? What are your thoghts about it?