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Minecraft For HoloLens – Experience Augmented Reality


We’ve got fresh news from the E3 expo regarding the HoloLens AR headset created by Microsoft. The demo that was showcased at the E3 expo was off the charts. It fascinated everybody present at the event. It reveled how different things would be for video games.

The HoloLens come packed with AR, short for augmented reality. What does this mean? Basically it covers the “real world” with holograms. Those who were trying on the HoloLens were able to see a mesmerizing dimension right in front of them and they could also zoom in and zoom out. These HoloLens have transparent lenses incorporated and pretty high-tech sensors as well. It comes packed with built-in CPU as well as GPU and they even have a 3rd processor incorporated. You won’t be needing any type of wire with the headset or some sort of connection with other devices.

This demo was built around the Halo 5 game. Of course, during these HoloLens demos, guests could not take photos or record. Expect the headset to be pretty much the same as it was back in the moth of April, in terms of design and feature.

At the event, during Microsoft’s expo, the video presentation also included images from the Minecraft game. Some believe that Minecraft fits like a glove for HoloLens, but when it comes to Halo 5, several improvements will have to be made. But no one knows for sure if this will be a reality in the near future or if Microsoft is just teasing avid gamers.

If you’re curious to know about the Halo 5 demo, here is the main gist: there is a Spartan who basically commands you through a type of Star Wars console. You can see all kinds of immersive maps as well as characters in the 3D variant. You get to experience all kinds of powerful guns once you move up a level and you get access to fast automobiles.

The HoloLens are not really connected to Halo 5(besides the short instructions regarding the Warzone mode). According to some sources, the Halo 5 will roll out this fall, but no one knows for sure when HoloLens will come out or how much gamers are expected to pay for this headset.