Video chats are a great way to communicate with other people and it’s also been widely used for both personal and business reasons.

Tango is a cross-platform video chat application that allows its users to have video chats with their loved ones. Apps like Tango also allow the users to save money that they use on their phone bills because it uses the internet, whether over Wi-Fi or 3G, making its services free to use. Tango is facing huge competition against other popular video chat apps such as Skype, Apple’s FaceTime, and Viber and although it’s a little behind the others in terms of popularity, Tango has loyal users that are more than satisfied with the app’s services.

Tango’s Video Messaging

Tango is determined to come up on top by coming up with features that its users will find practical. It added video messages as part of its services, making it one of the first applications to offer such feature. Video messaging goes beyond traditional voicemail which costs users money. Tango’s video messaging is free to use and it’s very useful for people who are not always available for video calling.

How to Send Video Messages

Using your Tango app for the iOS device, choose the contact you’ll be sending the video message to and below the chat box you will see different options for its different features. The camera icon lets you take photo or video to send to the recipient faster. Tap the camera icon and select Video. Record the video message. When you’re done, you can play the video first before sending it. If you’re satisfied with the video, tap Use Video and it will be sent to your friend. You can also choose to Retake the video if you want to record another one. Tango for Android has the same process except that the video message has its own video icon.

More Features

Tango not only wants you to use its services, the company also wants you to have fun while chatting with your loved ones. It also introduces stickers and animations which you can download. If you don’t have words to say, you can choose from the app’s many collections of stickers and animations to send instead. Tango also allows users to send 30-second song clips to their contacts. You can search for a song or artist and play the short clip before sending it. This feature is powered by Spotify – the popular online music streaming.

Tango Games

If you want to take a break from chatting or talking to your friends, you can while away the time by playing Tango’s in-app games. Just tap the Games tab on the bottom part of the screen and choose which games you want to download. You can also challenge your friends, send them gifts and climb the leaderboards. The games, like most of Tango’s features, are also free to download. It gives you another fun and exciting way to bond and keep in touch with your loved ones – after all, a little competition doesn’t hurt anyone.

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