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Twitter Takes on WhatsApp with Top Features and Improvements, 140-Character Limit Removed


Twitter recently made an announcement that it will be dropping the 140-character limit in its Direct Messages services, a move that is thought to be aimed at ensuring the app fairly competes with others like WhatsApp.

The latest version of Twitter now allows the users to send Direct Messages with up to 1000 characters. As a result, users will no longer be forced to split their messages into several chunks in case of long messages they’d wish to write to someone.

Update to start rolling out in July

According to Twitter, the new ability to include up to 1000 characters in Direct Messages is good news for the users of the app, but they will have to wait until July 1 before they see this update. In the recent past, the Direct Messages tool has received quite a number of improvements and according to the Product Manager of Twitter, there is more still to come. The upcoming change is just one of the many that are expected to come in the near future, most of which are looking to place this app at par with many other social media apps as well as instant messaging messengers like WhatsApp and Viber.

Twitter users are now able to send Direct Chats to any user

Twitter has seen quite a number of updates that make it a much better social networking tool than before. In the latest version, users do not need to be following each other in order for them to send Direct Chats to one another. It is now possible for any Twitter user to send a Direct Chat to any other user of the application without the need of being followed or following the recipient of the message.

Furthermore, Twitter users will now be able to embed as well as share their tweets directly from a DM window, which makes Twitter a very smart application.

Public tweets to retain the 140-character limit

Even though there are many changes that are coming the DM way, the Public tweets will still remain with the 140-character limit as before. This will ensure that those who coveted the power of 140 characters can still have a chance to enjoy what they love using.

The fact that private messages are longer than public messages makes Twitter better placed to compete with WhatsApp. This is so because the latter app is mainly a private messaging tool that has no limits as far as the number or size of messages being sent is concerned. WhatsApp already has more than 800 million users who use its instant messaging services. Twitter is far behind with a user base of about 300 million people. Adding the ability to exchange longer private messages will help this app fairly compete with WhatsApp in the race towards becoming the top provider of internet communication.

Nevertheless, WhatsApp and Twitter are totally two different apps. While WhatsApp makes use of phone numbers to allow users exchange messages as well as make voice calls, Twitter is a social networking app that makes use of email addresses, passwords and user IDs and it has no option for making free calls. However, it has a timeline where users can share their photos, videos as well as texts, be it in public or private. WhatsApp also offers the same privacy levels with its private chats and group chats of up to 100 people, however, the pubic feature of WhatsApp has a limited audience as opposed to that of Twitter.

Final thoughts

While Twitter has everything to do with posting tweets, WhatsApp is all about instant messaging. It is better to have both apps than to have either of them.