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Viber Free Calling, Tango and Telegram Free Download are Top WhatsApp Alternatives


The communication world we live in today has been revolutionized by the growing number of instant messaging apps.

These applications have succeeded in changing the way we communicate with our friends and relatives, unlike in the past.

The reasons why these apps have been successful at outshining traditional methods of communication are that these apps are free to download, install and use for life; and the fact that they have been designed in a manner that they offer the users with a combination of video, voice as well as text messaging services, in addition to voice and video calling capabilities.

There is a new application introduced almost each month and with this rate, the older ones always strive to maintain their clients by adding newer and better features that try to outshine the new apps. When talking of popularity as far as instant messaging is concerned, Viber, Tango and Telegram are among the top apps in this niche. All of them offer some outstanding features and services; however, having all of them installed on your device can have some performance issues for your Android phone.

So, which app will it be?


Viber is very similar to Tango and Skype; however, it has some amazing differences with WhatsApp and Tango as well. Apart from WhatsApp, all the other apps are free to use for life. You can send free messages, make free voice and video calls as well as play games on Viber. The quality of calls this app offers is much better than what WhatsApp and Tango offer. Furthermore, the app’s compatibility with multiple devices is amazing; it can be installed on the Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Bada, Symbian, Nokia as well as PC platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux.

Viber requires your phone number to setup an account, just like the other apps in this post. However, one area that this app truly wins is where it lets users make very affordable calls to non-users of the app via the ViberOut platform. This service is not available on WhatsApp, Telegram or Tango. However, Skype users can enjoy it as well.


Tango is another app that has been on the rising end as far as popularity is concerned and this is for a good reason. You can share texts, audio files, videos as well as photos using this app. However, one difference that this app comes in with when compared to the more secure Telegram is that it allows users to make free voice and video calls. Furthermore, unlike WhatsApp, the users of Tango can still enjoy HD quality free video calls with the other users.

With Tango, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to supported platforms. In fact, the app goes ahead to allow cross-platform communication, which makes it a better app than Telegram. One problem with Tango is the limitation it has on the group chats as it only manages 50 people in a group, which is half of WhatsApp’s.

Tango also comes with games such that the users can play when on calls or when chatting. This app is free of any charge, just like the other apps in this list, and unlike WhatsApp which charges its users $0.99 annually for using it from year two onwards.


Telegram is a very different app from many other available apps, be it Tango, Viber or the dominant WhatsApp. This application began in 2013 and as of now, it has already amassed a user base of over 200 million users. One reason behind this rising popularity of Telegram is the many features it offers. When talking about security of chats and speed of communication, you can trust this app more than WhatsApp and any other messenger.

Telegram allows its users to share messages which can be destroyed after a period that is defined by the sender. As long this period expires, the message will be erased from both devices, whether the recipient has read it or not. This helps keep things secure as it limits the chances of chats being shared on other platforms without one’s consent. When chatting on Telegram, you can create a group of up to 200 people, which is a very large provision when compared to WhatsApp’s 100.