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Viber Newest APK Available on Google Play Store – 3G Voice Calls Upgrades


Viber was designed to serve iOS devotees, but it rapidly grew on Android fans as well. So this was something that pleased the Israeli developers who worked on the app. Seeing this positive reaction, the developers improved the application and they ended up selling it to Rakuten, a Japanese Company. The Japanese ended up paying 900 million USD for the app, money well-spent in their opinion.

Viber serves many purposes, just like the rest of the IM apps out there. Users can send free messages to family and friends (also Viber users) or multimedia files, such as videos and photos. Unfortunately, you cannot attach sound files, instead you can send voice videos if you want. In order to do this, you have to tap the record knob and hold it while your record, but hurry up because you only have 60 seconds for this.

Because the quality is not the best one out there, the data usage is not consumed so fast and the velocity of sending info is also at higher levels. The newest version comes packed with some dynamic games you can play with a group of friends. You can also check out the new stickers available and use them to express your moods.

The app can also be used if you wish to engage in voice or video calls. The quality is pretty good, but if you initiate a call on a 2G connection, don’t expect miracles. The call might get sluggish and you might also be experiencing some voice cutoffs. But if you choose a 3G instead of the 2G one, you should notice an enhancement regarding the call quality. However, the Wi-fi option is still the number one choice when it comes to top-notch calls initiated in Viber.

Users also have an enjoyable ringtone when someone is calling you. Even if it cannot be modified, users don’t mind.

As far as the registration of Viber, this is a simple and basic procedure which anyone can manage. Enter your phone number and you’re done. Viber can be set up from the Google Play Store, this is if you are an Android devotee. Head on to the Play Store and look for the Viber app.

The app will be immediately set up in your device so when the process is complete, you should look for the “open” option. Click on it and then Viber will start bombarding you with the permissions it needs to access the info from your mobile phone. The app will also look for any contacts in your phone list that are already Viber users. If it finds any, you can start putting together a list of contacts in the app. Once the installation is over, you can start initiating calls and sending messages with Viber.