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WhatsApp 2.12.140 Stable APK – Download and Install With Powerful Improvements


Yesterday we’ve talked about WhatsApp 2.12.136 BETA and today it seems that the developers have released already a new BETA version of the application. WhatsApp 2.12.140 BETA has just been released and it contains 18 modified files and they are all related to the libraries.

Unfortunately, we didn’t notice any new features added to the WhatsApp 2.12.140 version, but hopefully, soon enough, the developers will release the Google Drive feature and the racial emojis.

The WhatsApp is currently having more than 800 million active users and they keep on growing with each passing day.

WhatsApp features

– No hidden fees – Pay 0.99 dollars per year (after the trial period ends) and that’s it. However, keep in mind that the application uses the internet connection, so you will need to either connect to a wi-fi network or use the mobile data connection;
– Send and recieve video files, photo files, Voice Messages;
– Ability to make Voice Calls to any WhatsApp friend that has this feature enabled on his/her WhatsApp application;
– Create or join group chats so that you can talk with two or more persons at the same time;
– Since the application is using the internet to exchange data, you will not have to pay any international fees;
– WhatsApp uses your mobile phone number as ID and doesn’t asks you for a password. However, in case you uninstall the application and install it back, you will need to get verified by typing the SMS code that will be sent to your mobile phone number;
– Ability to share your location, exchange contacts, set custom notifications sounds or wallpapers, send the chat history to email etc.!

Installing WhatsApp 2.12.140 on your Android smartphone

The WhatsApp 2.12.140 installation file can be downloaded from After downloading the APK file on your Androdi smartphone, make sure to enable Unknown Sources from Settings->Applications or Settings->Security or else you will not be able to install APK files that have been downloaded from third party sources.

After you enable Unknown Sources, head to the place where you’ve saved WhatsApp 2.12.140 APK (by using a file manager application) and tap on the APK file to start the installation. After successfully installing WhatsApp 2.12.140, you will need to accept the terms of use and insert your mobile phone number to get verified.