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WhatsApp Latest APK For Mac – How To Download and Install


WhatsApp is a renowned IM app with more than 800 million users. The only pitfall regarding this app is that it is merely accessible for smartphone users. And even if the web variant has rolled out, users don’t think this to be a suitable option to substitute the desktop app. And because the rest of the IM platforms such as Viber and iMessage already have desktop applications, leaving WhatsApp out of this would be a bit odd.

But if you want to have an app for WhatsApp on your Mac OS X gizmo, go to WhatsMac. This is a free app which can be set up right from the GitHub. This will bring WhatsApp on your Mac device disguised as an app that is similar to the Apple’s iMessage.

If you set up the WhatsMac, you get to experience the exact same features as the original WhatsApp variant. You will have to link your current WhatsApp account with your phone if you wish to start using the WhatsMac variant. Also all of your notices will have to go through the OS X Notification Center.

Note: uploading multimedia files is not functioning, unless you do the annoying drag-and-drop movement, but at best you can still correspond with your loved ones on your Mac device.

First of all you have to do the whole scan procedure of your QR code (do this from a suitable WhatsApp mobile application) in order for it to function. Then go to Settings in WhatsApp and choose the WhatsApp Web. You should find the WhatsMac code that will link the applications. So far, this stratagem doesn’t work for iPhone gizmos. Also don’t get your hopes up too high for an OS X for WhatsApp either, because it’s not looking bright. It seems that Facebook (the proprietor of WhatsApp) isn’t too eager in offering a native application that will function for OS X enthusiasts.

Remember that WhatsMac can be set up from GitHub. So go right ahead and give it a go, who knows maybe you’ll get addicted to it!