WhatsApp is an app that is definitely evolving with lightning speed and this has been very evident in the past few months.

WhatsApp developers have been very busy, rolling out update after update in each of the many beta versions they develop. In fact, there are cases where more than one beta versions of this instant messaging app were released in a single day, but this was heavily related to Android users.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone has been on many occasions neglected by the developers of this messenger. While some may argue that this happens because of the small number of users on this platform, there is an even much better argument in this case. Since WhatsApp came into operation, it has had some non-stop issues with the Windows platform. In fact, the application was at some point banished from the Windows Phone Store, only to be restored after a few days. According to the developers of this operating system, there were some technical issues that led to the removal of WhatsApp from their app store.

These are the issues that are yet to be resolved in full capacity as at the time of this writing. It is one major reason why the developers of WhatsApp have been slow with rolling out updates for this platform, but now that Windows 10 is coming in, we expect more from this now Facebook-owned instant messenger.

New features in WhatsApp 2.12.44 beta for your Windows Phone smartphone

Even though the Windows Phone platform has always lagged behind when it comes to receiving WhatsApp updates, it seems there is something special for the users of this platform. The latest beta version of WhatsApp 2.12.44 comes in with the voice calling feature enabled. This means that for the first time, the users of this app will get to enjoy the WhatsApp voice calling feature on their Windows Phone smartphones. However, as noted above, the feature is still in beta and as such, not all the users of Windows Phone devices can access it at the moment.

Another feature that has made its way to the Windows Phone platform is the ability to send and receive MP3 music files on this app. After making several requests for this feature, WhatsApp for Windows Phone users will be pleased to hear this news, but on a disappointing note, the feature is still in beta. The MP3 files will automatically be saved in a “Pictures” folder; however, we expect that soon enough this folder will be changed to something else, for instance, Music files.

Other than saving MP3 files, there are rumors that WhatsApp will also include the ability to save other files like PDF, doc and .exe files in a separate folder. However, none of this can be confirmed as of now. Considering this move, it is also expected that the WhatsApp developers will increase the file size limit from 16MB to at least 50MB, suggesting that the app might be willing to take the WhatsApp Plus direction in the near future.

There is no official release date of the stable version of WhatsApp that is enabled with these features. However, with the pace at which the developers are doing things, it is expected that the Windows App Store will have a stable version before the end of this month.

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