The previous month has been historical as far as mobile operating systems are concerned.

Google made public the new Android M while Apple did the same with the upcoming iOS 9. Microsoft on the other hand went ahead and made public the official release of Windows 10, which is expected to work across all devices that are supported.

Windows 10 Mobile, Android M and iOS 9 are operating systems that will be out before the end of this year. Taking them on an individual level, not all of them have come in with some major impacts to the devices they run on. However, they are set to change the history as well as future of smartphone technology in general.

According to experts, Windows 10 Mobile was designed to bring about software changes in the phones and platforms that use it. On the other hand, it is argued that Google went for hardware changes with the new Android M while Apple came in with little to nothing, only trying to improve the performance of the OS and fix some previous bugs in iOS 8. Nevertheless, here is a closer look at what these three operating systems bring to the table.

Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10 was announced a long time ago and now that it is making its official way to the mobile world, the company has made sure that the users of this OS on mobile devices enjoy a much better experience. The new Windows 10 Mobile will ensure that the users get a seamless and very excellent cross-platform experience when using this OS.

Windows 10 Mobile is set to come in with numerous changes for the users of the Microsoft-based smartphones. You will come across massive enhancements in the features like Cortana, new Calendar and Mail apps and many other software changes that will step up the performance of this OS.

Android M

This OS was made public during the recently concluded Google I/O 2015. The release of Android M has been criticized by some experts, claiming that Google has really rushed the release of the successor to the current Android Lollipop. At the moment, very few Android devices are using Android Lollipop, a reported less than 10%. Now that Google is rushing in with a new version, it will be interesting to see which devices will be using this OS.

When Android Lollipop was launched, many were happy with the visual improvements and general software enhancements it brought about. However, don’t expect the same when Android M is launched as this OS will only bring about hardware changes related to speed and performance in order to conform to the latest technology.

iOS 9

The new iOS 9 will for sure not be bringing much to the iPhones and iPads. With this new OS, older gadgets that had not received the current iOS 8 update will now be able to install this new OS on their devices. This is essentially aimed at speeding up older devices like iPhone 4S, iPad Mini and iPad 2.

Users of iOS 9 will also come across a better and smarter Siri voice assistant as well as an enhanced search system.

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