Google Play has continued its legacy in being the only market place for Android apps with more proximity and security to its users from around the world. We are presenting you some of the finest apps that were released some time ago specifically for Android users at Play Store. Go through the list and maybe you will find an app appealing your interests.

Facebook Lite

Facebook has just released an app for people with relatively slow internet connection and smartphones called Facebook Lite. This app weighs around 1 MB so it installs quickly and do not need massive storage space or highly updated processor to process it. It works on all Android devices and uses lesser data as compared to regular Facebook app. This app is perfect for those areas where there is only 2G coverage and hard to find speedy internet.

Google Play Games

Games are usually fun when they are played together. Not every game is a one man show; most of the games are designed specifically for more than one person. With Google Play Games, games will become more fun as it will let you compete with your friends, track your achievements, and save your progress to continue whenever you feel like. You do not even need same game to resume your progress, just log in to your Google Play Games account and you can resume from any Android device. It will also develop your brand new Game profile that will portray all your achievements and statuses to general public and other players. Choose from thousands of available games and start playing.

Emoji Keyboard

Emoji Keyboard is a free keyboard for Android developed by TouchPal. It will let you fast input over 800 different Emojis, emoticons, smileys, and text faces in one go. You can customize your keyboard to suit the theme of your OS. Emoji Keyboard is said to have perfect word prediction as compared to other keyboards available in the market. With this beautiful advent by TouchPal, they were awarded with a Mobile Innovation Global award. By now it is estimated that there are over 300 million users worldwide that are using Emoji Keyboard with a very positive review. Majority of the users are pleased that Emoji Keyboard understands their words input and predict words accordingly.

Moto Racer HD

Moto Racer HD is a really colorful and interactive game for those who love racing genre and that of motorbikes. Moto Racer HD is not about proper and legal bike racing but to run across busy streets making your way out of traffic. It is time to get on your motorcycle and ride through the city. Gain crazy speed and pass on traffic to earn points. You can use these points to buy better motorcycles and cool outfits for your biker. The game has 5 different bikes to offer for now, each with different specialties. The closer you overtake a vehicle in traffic, more points you will earn.


Lifeline is a game about making sure that your character, Taylor’s lifeline is not stopped. You need to find ways to challenge and fight against odds by making life and death decisions and wait for the consequences to make sure if your decision was right. The game is more interesting as it does not require any working internet connection to run, nor it supports any ads. There are not even any in-app purchases that make this game very even among different players. Lifeline is a deep, immersive story of survival with many possible outcomes. Your character’s life is depending upon you, do not forget that.

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