If you are using WhatsApp for your instant messaging purposes, you are not the only one who knows or rather understands the importance of this application.

In fact, Facebook saw how great and important this app is and decided to cash out a massive $19 billion just to secure its services, which is nothing when compared to the $0.99 the app requires you to pay in order to use it.

WhatsApp is a very simply designed app that offers a straightforward chatting experience. However, this does not mean that you will get everything right in front of you; there are some features that are hidden and they need some form of tricks to access them. Here’s a closer look at them.

Switch to using WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp now has a WhatsApp Web client for PCs. Using this client, you can no longer depend on your phone to read and respond to your messages; rather, you can do it from the PC. You need to first of all install any of Chrome, Opera or Firefox. Other users of WhatsApp other than those on iPhones can access this service.

Just launch WhatsApp on your phone and tap on the Menu. You will see a WhatsApp Web option in the list. Tap on it to launch a QR code scanner. Leave it at that and point your desktop browser to https://web.whatsapp.com and then scan the QR code that appears here using your phone. You will be logged into the app, and you should see all your conversations and notifications here.

Getting extra information on chat messages

It is possible to get more information on a message you send someone. Once it is delivered, you will notice the blue ticks against the message. To know the exact time the message was delivered and read, tap and hold on the message then tap the “Info” icon that appears at the top of the window. If using iOS, simply tap and swipe the message to the left to get the same details.

Mute group notifications

WhatsApp allows users to create groups of up to 100 people. However, receiving notifications from 99 members can be very annoying, especially if they are very active. The good thing with this app is that it has a solution out of this problem. When in the group, tap on the menu option and then choose “Mute.” There is a period that you can choose to mute the group notifications, be it for eight hours, a week, or even a whole year.

Email chats

It is very easy to send your chat messages to your email address. There is also the option of including emoji and attaching other media files to the email. All you need to do istap and hold on the chat thread from the home screen and the menu, tap on “Email chat.” Alternatively, you can do it from inside an active chat window by tapping on the menu then select the “More” option. From the resulting menu, tap on “Email chat” and choose the email client you want to use.

Create shortcuts on homescreen

There is no need of launching the whole app when you want to chat with your favorite friends. If you regularly chat with certain contacts, you can easily access them by creating shortcuts to their conversations. These shortcuts will appear on your homescreen. To do so, tap and hold on a chat thread and select “Add chat shortcut.” Alternatively, you can do it from the main chat window by tapping on themenu and then “More” and fromhere tap on “Add ashortcut.”

The shortcut will appear on your device’s homescreen, and you can launch this conversation directly from here without having to launch the app manually.

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