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Adobe Flash Player – Download it on Your Android


Adobe does not support running Flash on Android.

We still have our hardware depend on software-based phones such as KitKat, Jelly Bean or Lollipop. Also to this, we still need to watch online TV, play video games or watch videos on phones where Flash is required on a larger scale. However, you can get rid of this issue and add Flash to your Android phones or tablets. Here are a few of the tweaks that you can try.

Adding Flash on KitKat

It is difficult to keep switching between apps until any solution works for us. Hence, it is easier to add Adobe Flash to Android’s OS and watch any video or play any TV game endlessly. To make it work, you need to head to the Settings menu on your phone, tick the ‘Unknown Sources’ checkbox under the Security tab. Do not forget to uncheck it once you have completed the installation process.

Installing Flash on KitKat

Next, you need to have the installation file of Adobe Flash. Though Google is no more allowing downloads of this file, you can easily search for this file over the web and download it directly to your phone. Once downloaded, pull down the notification bar and tap the notification that says ‘Download Complete.’This will bring you to a new screen to hit the install button.

To enable Flash on your Android KitKat, you need to have Dolphin as the browser running on your phone. If you do not own this app, download it from Google Play for free, enable the Dolphin Jetpack after installing, tap the Flash Player to change it to ‘Always On’ mode under the Web content section. You can now run Flash on your phone and watch any videos you want.

The Other Ways

You can also carry out the process to enable Adobe Flash on your Android KitKat, Jelly Bean or Lollipop phone by installing the Puffin browser. You do not have to make this browser as the primary one. The browser supports Flash only for 14 days. However, you may have to purchase it for £1.83 after you exhaust the trial period.

Adding Flash to Jelly Bean

To download Flash to Android Jelly Bean, enable your phone to establish software from unknown sources through the Settings tab, search the web for ‘ap file for flash player’. Download the file and install it on your tablet or phone.

Installing Flash to Jelly Bean

After installing Adobe Flash, you may need a browser that supports flash player. Download Mozilla Firefox plug-in from Google Play store. Enable the plug-in and enjoy all the videos and downloads you want to make that needs support from Adobe Flash player.

Advancement in technology has brought many changes in the web world. If you are blocked from one account, you can access the same account through another way. Though you may not be allowed to download Flash from Adobe; however, you can have multiple ways to find a solution to it.