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Android Apps on PC – Computer is the New Mobile in 21st Century


The application of Android has proved to be effective from the day it entered into the market.

Developers are exploring themselves by designing and making a number of apps and publishing them through app stores. Games, software, medical, navigations are a few of the categories where major development is found. The easy accessibility and user-friendly controls have made the Android phones a big hit. However, you can use many of the Android apps on your personal computer. There are many software programs that help you access the Android applications on PC.

ARC Welder

You need a particular extension to run the Android applications on your personal computer. One of the easiest yet interesting ways to use such apps is the Chrome extension of App Runtime Chrome Welder. This extension can be widely used over PCs, Macs or Chromebooks. You need to install the runtime extension through the Chrome Store for Apps Personal computer. One of the easiest yet interesting use such apps is the Chrome extension of App Runtime Chrome Welder. This extension can be widely used over PCs, Macs or Chromebooks. You need to install the runtime extension through the Chrome Store for Apps.

You need to sideload the Application Package into the Welder. You can download the APK version from any of the websites over Internet. Go for a freeware app of APK such as APK Mirror. Point Welder files from the Chrome Extension to APK. Some of the apps would not work on the Chrome extension, as Welder has not yet received support from Google Play Store to perform such tasks. However, apps like Flappy Bird and Instagram can function extensively on Chrome’s Welder.

The Emulator

The Android Emulator works as an official part of SDK. It is used to run any virtual device on Android with respect to a variety of resolutions and configurations. You can download the Emulator from Google and install any app you find interesting and want to use on PC. As you have no play store to manage the software of Android apps, you need to put in a little effort by taking the APK file and adding it to the SDK tools directory. Insert the command prompt ‘adb install filename.apk’. In this way, you can add the application to the virtual device’s app list.

One of the main reasons you may not like to use this extension is its slow and sluggish connectivity. Hence, you can add different Android apps to run on PC for enhancement and quality purpose; however, it is a tedious job to make games running in it.

The Ports

You can install a modified version of the operating system on your personal computer with the help of Port. Due to restrictions of hardware extensions, you can run only a few Android apps on PC. However, if you wish to install Android on your PC, use the project of Android-x86 and Intel Architecture. Make a separate partition of the hard drive and try installing Android there on the PC. In addition to this, you can also install it in VirtualBox.


This is one of the best app players that can run all the games you want and apps together with enormous speed. It has a play store that has been already built in it. This makes a ready possession of the purchases you have made through Play Store.

You can work with this player as you are running your hands through Android devices. The home screen is similar to what your mobile phone has on Play Store page. However, it is a little sluggish when you are operating it through the mouse. If your system is enhanced to the touch screen version, BlueStacks creates magic while running Android apps. The next issue this player faces is its unexpected crashing style. You may be at the end of the game level and just a couple of moves away to win, BlueStack will crash and give you unexpected failure.

Which is the Best One to Choose

Most of the players do not allow the installation of another player on your PC. Hence, you must uninstall the one you are not using to choose another player. Every app player has its own weaknesses and strengths. If you just want to test any of the Android app on your PC, you can go for the Emulator. The Ports are worth enjoying; however, you will find it a little sloth. With BlueStack Player, you can install any app you want; keep in mind it can lead your app to crash sometimes. Lastly, the chrome extension, Welder, is easy but you can only use one app at one time.