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Angry Birds Transformers Download – Top Features For iOS and Android


In case you are a fan of Transforms and Angry Birds, then you will surely love this game. Angry Birds Transformers is an action game that comes with some awesome 3D graphics, where you will need to shoot and use your abilities to dodge obstacles.

The Autobirds come with some awesome bots such as: Chuck as Bumblebee, Red as Optimus Prime and more. However, the Autobirds can’t save the Piggy Island on their own. So, in order to stop the EggBots, they will need to join forces with their rivals: the Deceptihogs! Will they be able to team up and put aside their differences?

Angry Birds Transformers features

– Collect coins and unlock a roster of heroes with unique abilities and attacks
– Use your lasers to shoot down the enemies
– Transform into a tank, plane, truck or car in order to dodge the falling structures
– Upgrade your weapons and abilities to improve your Transformer
– Scan them to rivive, boost or unlock bots!

Angry Birds Transformer Hack for iOS – What it contains

– All the characters are unlocked and upgraded
– Level 250 – Prime
– Unlimied coins and gems.

How to hack Angry Birds Transformers

First of all, close the game and download the Angry Birds Transformers zip file from the internet on your computer. After that, unzip the file, start the .exe file and connect your iPhone or Android device to your computer. When your mobile device is connected to the computer, check „Add Gems” in the right side of it, put as many gems as you want in the game and do the same with the Coins. Also, you will want to check „Unlock Jenga Mode”. Finally, select „iOS” or „Android” and click „Connect”.

After that, disconnect the mobile device from the computer, start the Angry Birds Transformers game and you will notice that you have unlimited coins and gems, all characters are unlocked and upgraded and you have access to level 250 Prime!