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Dubsmash Free Download App – Ever-increasing Fever for Selfie Video


Do you love acting? Are you bad with the dialogues? Now you need not worry about the dialogues.  Dubsmash – the dubbing expert app will help you. This app has made people virally crazy to take a selfie video and share it with their friends.  Although this is the first venture of its developers, it has received a perfect applaud from the crowd. The creator of this mobile app – Jonas Drupal, Daniel Taschik and Roland Grenke are praisedfor their efforts to make such an entertaining application. It has only been eight months, but the number of downloads has crossed a figure no lesser than a million.

How to install

Dubsmash app works only on iPhone or Android mobiles. You can simply download this app from the Play Store or Google Store. During the installation process, you will be asked for your language preference, select the one that you are comfortable with for the purpose of navigation through this app. It will also help you get the dialogues in theselected language.

Next step is to search for the sound you need to dub. Be it English, Hindi, Malayalam or Tamil, you can easily scroll through the list of sounds to dub. The million users who use Dubsmash create the database.

Now get set to start dubbing. Click on the start button and begin your video selfie. You can leave the rest of saving and maintain the quality to Dubsmash. At first, you may find yourself struggling to synchronize with the song. The lip movements may not match to the words. However, with the third or the fourth try, you will have mastered to use this app. You can enhance the dub by adding various effects to it.

You are all ready to be famous and earn recognition by sharing your selfie video with the world.  You can share it through WhatsApp, Messenger or by saving it to the gallery. You may need to register yourself for authenticating your identity before sharing. Once it is done, you can share or save it.

The look of the app

  • This look and feel of the app is extremely classy. The first screen of the app is divided into three menus – trending, latest and soundboard. Trending consists of the most visited soundtracks. The latest is the list of new soundtracks. Soundboard helps you in personalizing your list.
  • You can choose any soundtrack from the first screen, or you can directly search the soundtrack by punching in the popular dialogues. After tapping to select the chosen track, you will see a small screen take your video. You can add effects by choosing the mode of video, which is found at the top right corner of the screen.
  • This screen is followedby a last display that has options to share it.

Facts about Dubsmash

The latest updated Dubsmash was launched on May 20, 2015. You will need your phone that has an Android version 4.1 or above.It is now made available to over 192 countries. You can enjoy this app in not only English but even in other Indian dialects.

As you have learned the ways to take a selfie video, what are you waiting for? Get your phones out and be ready to receive all the name and fame with your acting skills.