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Facebook and Google Will Be Forced to Allow FBI and MI5 to Access Encrypted Messages


It is thought that new laws are in plan and they are aimed at compelling some of the leading Internet and social networking companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple to allow the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the MI5 to access all of the encrypted messages that are transmitted via these platforms.

This in the wake of news that the most feared terror group in the world, ISIS, is using WhatsApp, Facebook, and other Google products to exchange information, or rather communicate with each other. But since these platforms make use of encrypted messaging protocols, it is not possible for third parties, including the company itself to see what users are exchanging. This is set to change as new laws are being worked on that will ensure these restrictions apply to only certain levels.

It is not likely that the owners of these apps will comply with this new law since they have been working hard to ensure that users enjoy the most secure ways of exchanging messages over the internet. This was even emphasized when hackers started hijacking messages and emails before they reached their intended destinations. Now that this hole has been eliminated, it seems top security agents in the USA and UK are not happy with the move.

FBI, MI5 and MI6 to work together in drafting the laws

While there are suggestions that Facebook and Google might end up in courts of laws just to deny these institutions these moves, it is thought that these security powerhouses will come in gradually. It is thought that at first, messages to specific persons under investigations are the only ones that will be asked from WhatsApp, Facebook, and Google. However, as time goes by, stiffer laws might come in.

According to reports, the inability of security firms to track and intercept any messages that go through these apps has made the world insecure. In this line, the British and American governments are determined to bring back those days when their security teams had universal access to messages that are exchanged across all of these platforms. According to them, these will help curb the growing threat of terrorism and radicalization.

Concern for security teams is an indicator that Facebook and Google are very secure

In the recent past, a week could hardly pass before someone hacked into a Twitter account, Facebook account or WhatsApp account of another person and stole information. However, now that the FBI and MI6 are looking for permission from Google and Facebook just so that they can access the information that moves through these platforms shows that the privacy levels are much better than before.

This is good news for users of these apps since in the past many have been vulnerable to malicious hacks where people could easily intercept messages while in transit.