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Gmail App Free Download – Know Your Inbox with Simple Tricks


Email always stands as the most important platform for any professional or personal communication.

There are many people struggling to have your attention through your inbox. However, when you are in need to get the most important ones first, you always waste your time shuffling through the unwanted ones. If you are one of the die-hard fans of Gmail and do not even think of setting up an email account with any other app, here is how you can customize and sort your mailbox.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Learn to navigate easily through Gmail. You may find it difficult to master the keyboard shortcuts at first; however, you may take only a few seconds to steer through your emails once you learn them. Gmail has already inbuilt a couple of shortcuts. You need to turn them on through the General tab in the Settings section. Here are a few of the shortcuts –

r – Reply to the email you have currently opened on the screen

/ – Start searching through the Search box

l – Label the conversation you are reading

Choose the Density Level

You can change the space between every email you receive or send for better viewing. If you are okay with the 50 emails peering from the screen at you, you can select the ‘comfortable’ density for display. Change it from the top right corner of the screen. Try all the densities – comfortable, cozy and compact and check, which best suits your style.

Personal indicators

The black arrows in the yellow pointers to the left of the sender’s name, indicates whether the email is personally to you or a group of people. Single arrow indicates that the email is sent to your address and the double arrow shows that the sender meant that email only to you.

All Under One Roof

If you are using multiple Gmail accounts and are tired to keep signing on and off from each one of them to read respective emails, your irksome predicament is now over. Here is how you can do it. Go to the ‘settings’, click ‘Accounts and Import’, further click on ‘Add a POP3 mail account you own’. Now you can respond to every email through one screen and do not have to juggle between many accounts.

Keep Archiving

Every email is important in some or the other way. Hence, instead of deleting the entire thread of email, you can simply archive it and free the storage space for your inbox. If you are a prominent user of Gmail, you must be sending large files through your mailbox. These files take the storage place and do not allow new emails to hit your account. To avoid such a mishap, it is better you archive the less important ones and retrieve whenever you need them.

Try using all the tips mentioned above to ease down your email life a little more than now. With the help of the above tips, you can optimize your email box effectively. Managing emails have never been so easy when you learn all the shortcuts and tricks.