Players who play actual games on consoles or PC never like micro transactions, because they already pay $60 or more for the full game.

But, Halo 5 Guardians which is an Xbox One exclusive will have these in-game purchases and the developers, 343 Industries, have some reasons to justify this addition.

When it comes to the mobile gaming scenario, developers create a free to play title and distribute it to people on both the iOS and Android platforms. The idea is to make people download the game, play it and once they get addicted to it, there will come a point when they can’t proceed without paying for in-game purchases. It will be quite annoying at some point because unlike a one-time payment, you will be forced to pay multiple times to buy upgrades, coins and in order to earn more rounds to solve the puzzle. 343 Industries, the developers of the new Halo confirm that they have no plans to extract players off their money, but rather look forward to adding value to the title with micro transactions.

Buy REQ Points with Real Money

If you have been wondering what you are supposed to buy with real money, it will be the REQ points that will be introduced as in-game purchases. With these points, players will be able to unlock and buy a wide range of items including new weapons, weapon skins, outfits, armor and some interesting goodies. All these purchases can be used in the multiplayer matches. Instead of buying them individually, you have to buy REQ packs which will include these items bundled within.

The concept is quite similar to battle packs found in Battlefield games. The Electronic Arts developed title allows the players to participate in multiplayer matches and win these packs every time they get a high score or accomplish a goal. The other option is to pay with real money for each pack which will be instantly unlocked so that you don’t have to spend so many hours in leveling up. A similar system will be used in Halo 5 Guardians as well.

Play or Pay

You can choose to play Halo 5 multiplayer matches and every time you level up, you will be gifted a REQ pack. It doesn’t require any cash payments and the other way is for players who are not so good at the game but like to check out powerful weapons and outfits, among other goodies. They can pay, but the others will receive those packs as well, as the game system is extremely generous, said 343 Industries.

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